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First hand $1.50 Hyper

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  • First hand $1.50 Hyper

    The hand can be watched over here:
    Any tips on how to include on this page are welcome!

    Some notes:
    I'm sure the limp is pretty bad over here, but a raise is quite expensive in Hypers versus unknown players (first round, no HUD).

    The call may seem bad as well, but I think the pot-odds were right, although on the other hand someone could've reraised all-in behind me.

    Should I have called in that spot? And all other remarks on this hand are welcome. Thanks a lot!

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    Hi wilco,

    If you're using boomplayer posting the link here is fine.

    I don't mind the limp on the first hand of a hyper, but once the action comes back to us I think we should move all in with 99. The SB's raise is a bit suspect, as his sizing is really small over 3 limpers, meaning he may not really know what he's doing. And the other players all rate to be behind 99 right now given their actions. In other words, while we can't really call 40 more profitably (almost set mining as many flops contain overs and we'll have to fold to action in a 5 way pot), moving in now should clearly be profitable... we have some tangible fold equity, which if everyone folds it's a great result, a 33.6% increase to our stack with no chance to bust out, and 99 plays well against their call off ranges if anyone other than the preflop raiser calls off (and they do light in hypers) we'll be up against a lot of smaller pairs, overs like KQ, and a single over like A5s, a genre of hands we do very well against. If the PFR has a bigger pair, so be it, we're still fine over all as all of the above applies to him as well imo.
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