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Fifty50..... Best Strategies? Discussion

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  • Fifty50..... Best Strategies? Discussion

    Above is my graph so far, it's a mix of $1.50 and $3.50 Fifty50 Sit n Go's. Looking around online i can't really see much strategy apart from all the discussion, i know PSO had a couple of videos but none on the $1.50 or $3.50 level, just wondered what the best way to approach these are? I know from what ive read the basic strategy is to tighten up early on and loosen up and try stealing towards the button, but is there anything else you can do to exploit these, is it all about shuving ranges and ICM? "ROI% and ITM% in graph above" I like my ITM%, its enough to be making me good profit at the moment. But would it be worth sacrificing a bit of that ITM% to increase my ROI% by playing a bit looser in these games? What about bankroll management for these games, what are your suggestions? Last question, is it crucial to be playing more than 6 tables a session because i find that i make more just playing 6? Here's a couple hands for analysis too - Is it best to just shuv over all these limpers or are we not getting called enough to make this play? I know this is a big hands and in this case its the best in pre but is it not better to sit on this stack and avoid a big pot with another big stack with all the short stacks around? This just made me laugh Ads

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    I had to take a break from playing $1.50 50/50s because I ran into a bad streak of variance that was crushing my bankroll, but I was ITM for almost 80% of them at the start.
    Unlike normal SnGs, they are NOT about shoving ranges at all. Just like in PSO league games, the main aim in 50s is SURVIVAL. You should not be risking your entire stack unless a couple of factors are in place:
    1. You have the nuts (pre- or post)
    2. You are one of the two shortest stacks and are desperate for chips.

    In contrast to regular SnGs, you shouldn't be trying much blind stealing, unless you are already the chip leader and are just grinding down the shorties that are trying to cling on.

    Remember that it's not your stack size that's important in these. It's your place on the leaderboard. If you're in 2nd place of 7 players, you can sit tight and barely play a hand. It's far better to let the LAGs and fish chop each other up, while you sit there safely. I cashed in many of these games with a VPIP of less than 10%. Sometimes there was so much crazy action in the first couple of levels that I made the money without even taking a hand to a flop! I'd be playing a hand on one table and the other tourney would suddenly come to and end when there was a double knockout, when some crazies would stack off JJ, AQ and AK for 25bb.
    In these games, it's crucial to recognise who are the winners (nits and TAGs) and who are the losers (LAGs and fish). If you stay out of the way of the nits (they always have a big pair or AK, unless they are the shortest stack), you should be able to get ITM very often.
    Hands that would be obvi-shoves with 12bb in regular SnGs can be raise-folded in 50/50s, at least at the lowest stakes. Avoid big risks. Let the bad players make the mistake of stacking off light.

    Playing 6 tables at a time is good, as that should prevent you getting too fancy or too bored. If a play looks like it's only marginally +EV, it's probably best not to make it. Just focus on survival. You won't achieve a very high ROI (in comparison to MTTs/45-mans etc), but the high ITM figure should lead to solid profits in the long run.
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      That's a good point but i think its not all about sitting back and folding every and to the cash, that may have used to work in the old DoN formats but i think accumulating chips is also important with stealing blinds...if you know your up against tight players that are just going to fold a very high percentage of their hands when you raise your button then why not taje the extra few chips, especially on the bubble where the play often becomes even tighter. I think its just as important to use your stats and reads to accumulate chips as it is to survive in these formats?



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        There's some general discussion of 50-50 strategy in these two posts:

        At higher stakes than $3.50, you'll need to shove to maximise fold equity, but at the lowest stakes, I found that minraising has the same effect. Minimal risk, maximum reward.
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