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UTG+1 | 10bb | QJo | Hand Analysis

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  • UTG+1 | 10bb | QJo | Hand Analysis

    Please tell me this was not my fault but bad luck. I also want to read about the villains play. Is it usual to see and is it a good strategy? Thanks.

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      Originally posted by Robi9469 View Post
      Please tell me this was not my fault but bad luck. I also want to read about the villains play. Is it usual to see and is it a good strategy? Thanks.
      In my opinion, it is your own fault ,sorry, but open limp utg with 10bb's is not good. You did not have enough chips to try and play. It was a fold or push strategy that should of been used with only 10bb. Then you bet out the flop 300 chips, what? It was a push . I did not watch it any further than that. Push or fold with only 10bb, only with a good stack size does ''playing'' poker come into it. To summon your game up at a glance, "grow a pair", do not fear losing or you will lose . GL umbup:


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        Hi Robi9469!

        Can you let us know which kind of tournament this was (freeroll, league game, MTT, SnG etc)? The tournament hand analysis team will suggest different strategies depending on the game type.
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          I would suggest watching some of daves lessons and i dont think your even ready for push or fold yet you need to learn some preflop and postflop strategy i think its easier playing cash games first.

          Look at Artys blog as well there's a load of useful stuff in there, best thing to do is start with the basics thats why i said dont bother with push or fold yet because you wont get anywhere without knowing what sort of hands you should be opening under the gun and JQo is one of those hands you dont open in that seat actually i dont open JQ unless im in late position and my stack is deep.


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            Hi Robi9469! One thing that I will never do (unless I misclick) is to open-limp. This is a play that is very easy for an opponent to exploit, especially when I'm out of position and will leak off a large number of chips by doing so. If this is a league game, it's an instant muck. In those tourneys, I do not ever want to play anything marginal, as I need to save my chips to be able to last longer to get more and more points for the end of the month leaderboards. If this is a cash tourney or a freeroll, I'm also mucking here. I'm out of position, the only play I have left is to shove and IMO, I do not want to shove a marginal unmade hand if I don't have to. I have 10BB and I'm 4th chip stack at the table (very close to 3rd). I'm going to wait and look for a better spot, which I should be able to find, rather easily. Open-shoving here, especially if it is an STT is taking a HUGE gamble with a very marginal hand that is totally unnecessary... a play that I do NOT want to make. The opp in the hand with J4h was let into the hand by the open-limp. Open limps allow players with very marginal hands to have the correct odds to see flops. They got the right price to see the flop (which they would NOT have gotten with a standard raise), so they had every right to be in the hand. When they flopped the draw, they need to put 700 into a pot that will be 1700 (41.2%), IF you call. If not, then they gain 600 free chips. With 9 outs, their hand is worth 36% if you call every time, so if they think that you would fold here even a small % of the time, it's a +EV play for the opp to be all-in on the flop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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              Thanks for your opinions. This was a 1.1$ SCOOP satellite about 40 players about 30 left btw.



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