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25c 45 man sng / 78s over tag-lag player.

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  • 25c 45 man sng / 78s over tag-lag player.

    Hello, all day this hand bothered me, I cannot help to think , I let him steal it on the river.

    The player was tag /loose, a bit of a mix.

    I only limped in because of my stack size, I felt I could see a flop even out of position.

    Thoughts please.

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    Pre Flop: is weak. A bet was in order here even if just a min raise. Me 2.5-3 blinds Flop: even weaker to check it off. As it was I'd have bet here, preferably 400 Turn: WTH? 2 pair on a flush happy board and you min bet? You have to price out the draws. River: at this point as you played the hand I think a call was in order here. I think he scared you off with the flush possibility there. evil:
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      I would fold too I wouldn't raise limp from UTG out of position with 78s, it doesn't help . there's a lot of cards that weak players limp from utg and you are behind. I don't think I win it often enough to call it.
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        Hi holdemace486,

        The reads sounds a little confusing. The hand doesn't look like the player is TAG or LAG. Limping first in is a pretty passive action.

        If they are indeed a TAG player then it's pretty likely a limp UTG means small pocket pair.

        I don't mind seeing the flop here, obviously we prefer the button. But it's cheap enough as you say with from SB.

        I think leading the flop is good idea. Try and pick up the pot with top pair. Not many good cards to come on the turn.

        Definately bet on the turn and I think atleast twice the size of your raise, you have a strong hand now and need to go for value.

        I think folding the river is fine. There are so many hands that get there and it's too late now to show how strong your hand is.

        I think a bet this big can be a strong hand alot of the time. Could be slow played 5, diamonds, 66, 44. And Nothing much you beat apart from bluffs I think.

        Good Luck

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          I thank you for the advice, I think I did play it badly.



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