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Skype STT/ SnG study group $1.50 to $15

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  • Skype STT/ SnG study group $1.50 to $15

    I know there's a Skype group but is anyone interested in being more specific for STTs? Rossd152 and myself were discussing on his blog about this subject and for me personally it would be a worthwhile exercise.

    I'm a pretty experience player with a 13% ROI on Stars but I know I have leaks. It would be great to discuss with like minded people at the above stakes. I'm playing $1.50 on Stars but am comfortable at any stakes, I never play with scared money.

    I'm currently playing $2 games even though I'm bankrolled for $10. I'd like to be up there after plugging my leaks.

    Anyone interested?
    Bracelet Winner

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    Hi Ovalman,

    I'm very interested in your proposal, although I must admit I'm a worse player than you. You can look up some data of mine in the New Members section.

    Anyway, when not tilting, I'm playing 6-max 1.5$ sng only, and I'm interested in discussing strategy with you and others!


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      I think this would be interesting to join, me myself i play multi-table sng's from $1 and up. I do best in smaller fields but can also do good in a bigger field. And would love to improve my game!
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        We're talking NL here, right?

        If it is them I am certainly interested.


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          Yes Bhoy, I know I play Limit STTs but I only play them because they are filled with many whales. My latest blog when published might explain more.

          I'm not sure how to go about these things, Rossd mentioned teamviewer but I'm unfamiliar with the software. Any suggestions?

          If anyone from the previous Skype group wants to join or tell us the format you used then I'd be very much grateful.
          Bracelet Winner


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            I think I could just play and record and upload to my private youtube and share the link with the group? I can upload at about 30MB/s at my university so thats like a second a session.. :P


            • #7
              That sounds as good and probably simpler. I've also a Youtube channel, will look into it also.
              Bracelet Winner


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                We don't need to chat via skype, I've a terrible Belfast accent anyway and you wouldn't understand me Just upload somewhere like Youtube or file sharing software and share the link via PM. We can then give our opinions via this thread.

                I'll record a game tomorrow (playing MTTs all day) and PM to all who's replied on this thread. I don't mind sharing but if I share then I expect a review and a session back. Could I also ask that we try and keep a session roughly around the hour mark? A typical regular 10 seat STT should last around this time. I don't fancy watching you play a 2 day SCOOP event
                Bracelet Winner


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                  Well, I don't use skype to talk anyway. it could come in handy to chat but you can always decide.

                  I decided to play some more 1.50 6-max HT, and here are the results of today. Last 2 of the 4 losses because of parents yelling to me for dinner.. My fault for the timing I guess. I play 4 tables at a time.


                  I try to stop busting out first Which seems to work out, no more stupid all-ins in the first round. The times in the second picture are obviously wrong, not sure what happened there.


                  • #10
                    Update from this week:

                    At the moment I try to add in some 3.50s as well


                    • #11
                      i play fifty50s, dont know if u want me involved?



                      • #12
                        Yes Ads.

                        I wasn't about the PC yesterday and haven't played today, will post when I play a STT.
                        Bracelet Winner


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                          Yes Ads, any variant of NL poker can be discussed, sng's will probably suit more people but we'r open, or at least I am, to any form. I think for everyone If they did something like post a few hands here from boom say 2/3 a session or in a blog this would be most efficient. Maybe have people with most experience in that format giving analysis so not everyone reads 5/6 blogs x 3 hands with not ideal advice. I did this before but only got replies for 1st blog so maybe its to much effort reading through the blog?I will also review anyone else's in return.


                          • #14
                            what codec do you use to record? I used the microsoft default one and it made 317 Mb after 23 seconds of video, and all the others crash the software.


                            • #15
                              I'm interested too. I play 9mans 1,50 Turbos.

                              How it will work?




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