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  • Satellite to SCOOP Fullhouse

    Did I play this okay & is there a better way to play? Thank you x
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    No more information? Then Im going to play an abc style against him.

    The check pre-flop in the Big Blind is fine I think.

    I would like you call the flop to slowplay,we might lose against QT but that's maybe unlikely or maybe we can figure it out later this hand.At that point,Im for 95% sure that i have the best hand.Remember,his bet is very small relative to the pot so he might value betting a pair of queens or maybe KK or JJ.

    Like your check.He bet small again,this might be a sign that he will want you to get some value from the queen.By betting small,he will give you the right pot odds to call with worse than a queen,small pair or maybe A high,depends your image and how good vilian 5 is(does he play a lot of garbage hands etc)
    You call,I think it's ok too call,but I prefer check raise too 1000(pot will be 3100 if he calls your check-raise) or something.This might be a very strong move,maybe you are repping a flush and can lose some value of your hand,but you can at least have the lead in this hand,bet the river and get called on the river if the river bricks.

    Checking is also ok here,but remember with checking is that you can lose value from your hand.
    He bets 800,again VERY small.Im sure he have a queen in his hand and the river is a 6,imo a total brick.
    Your check raise is ok,I like that play
    What will I do after i check raised the turn and he called(pot 3100).Well,Im sure he will pay me off with a queen,espcially AQ,KQ,QJ and maybe some weaker queens. I will bet like 60% of the pot and I will give him the chance to let him shove for value.

    I think both play is ok,espcially when you dont have position on that guy and no reads.
    The thing that im afraid is that is possible to lose value from this hand.

    Hope I can help you!


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      Yes, you help lots. Thank you
      I was also thinking maybe instead of a check small raise, maybe i should of put him all in? seems like he wasn't gonna fold this hand no matter what.
      Check raise on turn, yea, i think you're right. I'll keep it in mind.


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        Hi BlackHolden,

        Free flop is good. On the flop I much prefer leading out, with a wet board we can get action from plenty of worse hands, Qx and draws will call us for sure. No reason to give those holdings a free card.

        We check, get a small bet from V5 and the rest fold... since we didn't lead out, I would check-raise immediately. I think it's unlikely he's got a ten with the small bet, so we are probably looking at Qx, lower pockets, and draws. I see no reason to give a free turn card to the lower pockets and draws, and Qx might get scared by a J, K, A, or club, so our best chance to extract some more value is right now.

        Turn I think is good as played, if we raise now we are likely to look like a flush the way we played it and just fold out worse hands, and get reraised if we're beat.

        River I would bet out. I don't like checking because his flop and turn bets were both small sizings, indicating not too much strength, and if that's accurate then the opponent may well check it down with a weak Q, we're more likely to get paid if we bet. If he does have a flush, he may well raise our lead bet, allowing us to shove and he'll be in too deep to fold it now so we can get his stack. I would lead about 900, and shove over a raise.
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          Hi Dave,

          Do you have any advise for my thought process ?


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            I like that. Thank you for explaining. Both ways are good, I think much better than the way I played anyways. I got lucky this time in that he kept on betting out.


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              I agree with Dave on this one too. I'm leading the flop here since there is a flush draw. If I check, the opp hits their flush draw and I don't improve... it's MY OWN fault I'd lose the hand because I let the opp have a +EV play to draw to beat me.

              I'd bet 2/3 pot on the flop, which is enough to give either opp a -EV play to draw to the flush.

              John (JWK24)

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                Originally posted by MolaSalo View Post
                Hi Dave,

                Do you have any advise for my thought process ?
                Hi Mola,

                I think you're too interested in slow playing.

                It's probable we have the best hand on the flop but against the worse hands that will give us action it's much better for us to not slow play. These are primarily:

                Qx - A lot of cards will scare this holding on the turn, so it's good to get more money in now while it's feeling at it's strongest.

                Draws - Flush/Straight draws are a relatively small part of villains range, but still there's no good reason to offer them a free or cheap card here.

                You also mention KK/JJ, but remember since the villain didn't raise preflop these are less likely holdings.

                On the turn we are sort of stuck, by check-calling the flop if we now check-raise big on a club turn, it looks like we've made a flush. This makes it very hard to get called by Qx unless the X is specifically a big club. So I think a big check-raise value owns us too much, we are often behind when called.

                River leading is better, I agree with you that checking we lose too much value. Size the check-raise bigger for value, as he will either call or fold. He may re-raise shove with a big flush, but Qx would be insane to shove even over a small check-raise on a 3-flush, paired board.

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