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$3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XVI (350/700) QQ

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  • $3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XVI (350/700) QQ

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    I would lead out on the flop about half the pot maybe a little more you were the preflop raiser and you gave up the lead because the scare card ace came down which your opp is trying to rep because your check is passive and weak. Also by playing the hand passive your not getting any information from the opponent if you cbet half the pot and they call and call a further bet on the turn you can be sure they have limped with Ax and you can save some chips on the river.

    Personally i hate limpers they are the bain of my life they limp then check call all the way to the river when you have position on them its like its the new fashion trend and they turn over trash like 73o and make a miracle hand on the river, But as long as i know iv played aggressive and made them pay to get lucky im happy.


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      "A" was a great card , to Cbet even with 72o I didn't scare of it , I'm too greedy


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        So why check call all the way to the river? You have no clue where you stand in the hand you haven't said if you had any reads on the player and i think a more aggressive line could actually save you chips as im presuming you lost the hand.


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          You are right more aggressive play is more safe in this case I'm new at the table, but limpers always look weak to me. check called to give him opportunity to bluff and There where no draws on the board . I'm just trying to explain why I played that way and if there wasn't an Ace on the board? I'll write my opinion later. I thought about my line of play and his play too.
          Last edited by Shichi-77; Thu May 09, 2013, 02:29 PM.


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            Hey Shichi-77

            I like your raise sizing preflop, I think 3.5x would be better as we are going to be out of position but mehhh, with a hand like QQ we are looking for action so your sizing is ok.

            The biggest mistake you made throughout the entire hand was not c betting the flop. I know that this flop isn't great for your hand but it's more than likely going to be much worse for your opponents hand. When we cbet these flops we will rarely get called by worse than Ax.

            This flop is dryyy, our cbet may get called every now and then by QJ/KJ/KQ type of hands but that's it, and them hands will be folding a lot anyway.

            When you check/call then a good player will realise that you either have a monster hand, or a hand that you are trying to see a chap showdown with and more often than not it will be a hand that you are trying to get a cheap showdown with, this of course will entice our opponents to try and steal the pot from us.

            As played I would check/call flop and turn with the intention of folding to a river bet.

            Cheers, Chris.



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