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44 Open League

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  • 44 Open League

    I don't usually play low pairs but this time I decided to give it a try. After getting a good flop I tried to protect my hand. What did I do wrong?

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    First of all it was a good play to simply call with your pocket 4s here. Once the betting had taken place you had to call 60 to win 600 chips, giving you 10:1 pot odds. These are great odds to try and hit a set. With a pocket pair you will hit a set 1 in 8 times, so you are well compensated in the long run if you miss this time. In this situation you can simply play 'No set, no bet'; pocket 4s are easy to get away from if we don't hit our set. Also note that if you do hit your set it is likely that a lot more money will go into the pot.

    Next is the lead out. With a dry board (low cards, rainbow) I would be tempted to check to conceal my hand and let someone else bet for us. With so many players in the hand it is likely that somebody has a piece of it and will bet out. Depending on the size of the bet we can then decide whether it is best to check/shove or check/call. If we will have less than a pot sized bet after the flop, then it might be worth just getting the money all in there and then on the flop with a check raise. This will look super strong, but at this point the opponents will likely call anyway. (Especially with Queens).

    However, you decided to lead out with the intent to get money in. I don't think protection is an issue here as the board is very dry anyway. The money then goes all in and you are ahead with a set, just unlucky to run into a higher set on the turn. Either way the money was going all in, nothing you can do, and it was a good call on the flop, and a good call with the right odds pre-flop. Unlucky really.
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      I also just realised you had less than a pot sized bet on the flop anyway, so getting the money in there and then was fine play, whether that was with a lead out, or by a check/shove. umbup:


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        Hi DracoPTG! With 44 from the SB, I get 4 limpers in front of me. I'm more than happy to limp behind and setmine with my small pair here. I normally want to have 15X in my stack and the opp's stack to setmine, but here with 13 and multiple callers, I'll go for it. The BB then min-raises and when everyone else calls, I will too, as I'm getting way too good of odds not to call. Here is the downfall to having so many in the pot, when I hit a set. With 5 opps, I cannnot bet enough to price everyone out. The best I can do is to shove and hope that everyone doesn't call. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. Instead of this hand, the ones that I'd be looking at are the other hands were I lost chips, as I should not have lost 1/2 my chips this early in the tourney.

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