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SNG $1.50 9pyrs, J4

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  • SNG $1.50 9pyrs, J4

    Hey guys, So, I'm up against a really loose but reasonable player here. I am not surprised to see him limping in cause he usually does this with most of his cards. When he has monsters he raises way big. Pretty standard. So, I was not expecting this! I was extra surprised to see a check on the flop because he usually would try to go for the pot, even if he had nothing. But I was confident he still had nothing good because when he does he usually bets high. So, I assume the guy has air and that his bet on the turn is an air bet. So I raise it up to let him know I have something 'good' as normally he would fold to that. He calls so fast and I know i've made a mistake. When the ace shows on river i'm hoping to bluff the rest of my chips in for a full house, 3 aces, hoping he only had the tens. such bad play here from me. what do you guys think? I got some money from it anyway.
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    Hi BlackHolden4,

    I don't like you bluff here.

    Firstly, It's a massive bluff. Reraising to 1200 when there's only 775 in the pot. If he truely doesn't have anything he's likely to fold for a much much smaller bet. Probably 600 would've been a much better sizing.

    Secondly, once he calls on the large reraise on the turn he dosn't look weak any more. He's commited, he won't be folding for your remaining 800 chips when there's 3000 in the pot now.

    Lastly, The most important thing about a bluff is that the story you are telling makes sense. You can't just play the hand and at some point decide to tell a story. It's very hard to believe you have an Ace because you didn't raise preflop, you didn't bet on the flop and you checked again on the turn. Your check-raise is then massive which if you were wanted action would be alot smaller.

    In Micros-Stakes sngs it's best to just leave the bluffs in the toolbox. Especially the multiple barrels.


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      thank you for getting back to me. I'll try to take on board what you've said for the next time. :-)



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