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Flop a set on a wet board??

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  • Flop a set on a wet board??

    Fun hand I just witnessed

    so what line should you take when you flop a set on a wet board??

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    Wow some really bad play here imo.

    Post flop is all fine, they should both be insta-stacking sets on the flop obviously as they're all under 30bb's, playing a set any other way would by horrible here.

    Preflop I don't like. JJ open is fine obv but no reason to full 3x at this stage, if you rail top mtt'ers you'll seem them all generally raising no more than 2.3x at this stage, and most would be min-raising now. Usually seeing 3x here is a sign of the player being somewhat old school, or inexperienced. Short stack going all in with 99 is standard. The next player I really don't like his flat call with TT, what is his plan? He starts with 22bb's, is he folding the flop without a set? Stacking off undercard flops and folding with an overcard? With his stack size this is probably just a squeeze shove unless the UTG player is a real tight player. And seat 1's play is atrocious. He should fold. He's got an 8bb stack and can simply not afford to put 3 of them in and then fold with any holding. He should shove preflop and give UTG and chance to reshove out the other flat caller, or just fold his hand.

    Post flop play by the sets is good. Preflop play leaves a lot to be desired imo from all except the 99 hand.
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