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JJ in Friendly Freebuy - Minraise or open shove?

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  • JJ in Friendly Freebuy - Minraise or open shove?

    Tourney: The $1000 Added Friendly Freebuy. Situation: I've just been moved to a new table and have no reads. I have JJ in EP and a 15bb stack, which is about average for the tourney. There's about 60 players left and 36 get paid. 36th gets $8.60 (which is pretty good for a freeroll!). In many tourneys I'm open jamming here, but decided to just minraise here, with the idea that I'll only commit on good flops if I get called, leaving me with a playable 13bb stack if the board is ugly. Is this too cautious? Is minraising, hoping for a bit of action with JJ, necessarily a bad idea? I mean, is this an auto-shove?
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    Hi Arty,

    Either line is valid imo. I think jamming is probably my preference from EP, especially with stacks that can call us behind if we min-raise. No worries if we get 3b obviously, we can stack it in, but if we get called we can get lost on some board textures and we don't really have chips to maneuver with post flop here.

    In particular V2 and V5 in the BB could call us wide. The other stacks I think would mostly just 3b jam if they play, unless they're bad, and V1/V3 could fall into that category where they might think flatting 600 is reasonable.

    Open jamming certainly isn't wrong on this stack size and prevents us from being in sticky post flop spots or making mistakes later in the hand (the old joke, the 1 thing about moving all in is at least you can't make any other mistakes in the hand lol). From EP with no reads I think this is my preference.
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      Thanks for the analysis. I'm generally a fan of making plays that mean I don't have to make any tricky decisions later on in the hand, so I'm normally jamming here. I think my brain was a little confused because I'd played a league game earlier, where survival was more important than going for the win, so I was dialling back my aggression in this tourney.
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        I made a similar move with 88 late on in the tournament but think I had slightly less BB than you Arty.

        I looked at it from an ICM point of view, or what I considered to be a good ICM POV. There were so many small stacks around that not cashing with the stack I had would have been costly but I would have had to run like god to final table.

        I folded to a bet from the other guy in my hand.

        The blinds seemed to go up steeply in this tourney albeit only every 10 minutes.


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          The tourney structure and prize money certainly made it a bit weird. Lots of players were hanging around on 5bb trying to make the money, and I think I was tempted to try and do the same. I think I raise-folded 88 at some point too, but two hands after the JJ, I 3-bet jammed 99 (and lost a flip with AK). No one at the table would believe me that I minraised jacks, but shoved 99, and I guess it might have looked strange. But I certainly wasn't going to just call 2.5bb with 99 though. 17bb wasn't enough to go set-mining with.
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            I could easily shove or standard raise here. The one thing that I would do is to make certain that I'm making my standard raise to 2.5BB and not a min raise... too many people after you that can get odds to beat you with marginal hands by min-raising.

            John (JWK24)

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              Funnily enough I busted out of the Friendly Freebuy when I openshoved JJ with a 420 stack and got called by KK.



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