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$3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VI (40/80) AKo bet sizing question.

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  • $3.00+$0.30 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level VI (40/80) AKo bet sizing question.

    Hello, put opponent on mid pairs, weak A's or draws.(I've got notes that he donks flop with just a draw).Raised flop as I didn't want to give him cheap card and to collect value.pot was perfect to shove on the turn, but I did lost fold equity. Now I think that I raised flop too much, but cant find correct number.And also there might be hands that pay flop but fold turn. Pls give your advice. P.S. Couldn't remove showdown it doesn't matter
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    Hi Schichi-77 umbup: Bet sizing preflop is good. I agree that you did raise too much on the flop! This is a gin flop for us, we even has the Ace of spades which reduces the chance of villain having a spade draw as well as giving us the backdoor spade draw. At this stage of the hand we ought to be looking to keep in weak hands that we can get value from and when we raise this much on the flop we're not doing a good job of this. I think a better approach would be to raise villains 299 bet to say, 700 - 800. If we raise to 700 and get called there will be 3100 chips in the middle and we will have 1850 chips left in our stack which is a decent amount to shove the turn. In a heads up 3bet pot we shouldn't be too concerned that villain has become lucky enough to flop a flush draw. Cheers, Chris.


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      When I'm committed to stacking off over 2 streets, a little trick I use is to drag the bet-slider so that I put 1/3 of my stack in on the first street and then the remaining 2/3 on the next. This means your second bet is double what you put in on the flop, making it a "natural" sizing (bets typically double in size from street to street).
      So with 2567 chips, you could bet 850 on the flop, and shove the remaining 1700 on the turn.
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        wow , thanks alot umbup: I've got my answers



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