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QQ in the BB with 33BB - late stages MTT v loose opps

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  • QQ in the BB with 33BB - late stages MTT v loose opps

    Running about 15th of 40 left in a roughly 2000 player $1.10MTT with lots of loose passive big stacks, I pick up pocket queens in the big blind at the 5K big blind level.

    UTG+2 makes a 3x raise to 15K and is called by UTG+3 next to him.

    Both players are loose and fairly passive. UTG+1 is 29/10 -UTG+2 is exceptionally passive at 29/3 and playing a lot of Ax hands and smaller/medium pairs passively even against strong action. I have seen them play KK once where they limped UTG but then shoved 92K preflop over a raise (at 3k blinds) table folded and they showed their hand- most showdowns they have had stuff like 44-99 or A9-AQ.

    So with QQ out of position I 3-bet preflop and BOTH players called. I decided given the bloated pot,my remaining chips being less than the pot, and my preflop action representing basically QQ+/AK I would shove the flop anyway.

    Other option was to shove preflop. Out of position this may have been a better option.

    Post flop as played I still have chips to continue if I check fold on a A or K high flop, but I think at least one opp here will call me with no K, with stuff like Ax or 88+ pairs.

    My other consideration is that with about 1/3rd my chips in I am pretty committed anyway, I may have bet slightly smaller or bigger as a 3-bet - not sure these opps would notice. Payout structure is very flat and from 40th to 11th is only a $10 dollars increase whereas a big winning hand gives me a great chance to FT, and as I was dwindling down I want to take this spot. Maybe someone can ICM it.

    [Tourney is down to last 2 now - player who won this hand came 11th for $15 - I made $5 for 40th - I hope if I had won this hand I could have got further than that...]

    Any thoughts welcome


    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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    Probably I would fold the flop in 3 handed game with your line of play. 3 bet would be good choice if second player didn't call preflop , because 3bet of 50000 is not enough bet size for me in this game.
    Probably I would shove preflop. there are hands like AQ+,99-JJ that pay preflop but folds on the flop.
    I don't think Ax hands or 99-JJ would pay on this flop, your line represents very strong hand. as for me
    shove is best decision and it will compensate bed position.
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      Hi Ed,

      I think there's two ways to play this.

      Easiest way to a 3bet shove preflop. I think this is a good play here even with 33BBs because the raise is a full 3x raise which I think effectively shrinks our stack a little compared to a normal or 2.5x raise here. Also the call means there's actually a decent 40k chips out there which makes a tidy profit when we fold them out. I also don't think we get completely value owned since I can see loose players calling allin with worse than QQ as well.

      Second option is to 3bet small (to about 40k) and look for action from these two players and look to maximise value post flop. On a flop without an A or K we would cbet and look to get it in. On this flop I don't think we are getting that many calls from anyone without a K. If these guys are passive then we can afford to check it, call one time if they are really bluffy or you think they would be a pocket pair, or just fold. We can afford to give a free card here because there are very few bad cards. There might only be two Aces left in the deck for them to hit.

      Nice Run


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