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$0.50 Sng Pocket Pairs

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  • $0.50 Sng Pocket Pairs

    Thought the best decision here was to just get my chips in on the turn cause i thought with him having stats of 81/14 he was calling with much worse, or could i have played it differently?

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    Maybe i should just ship the flop since im already commiting myself to the hands there and then


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      I'd ship the flop. There's no way you're folding after that bet so force him to make the decision now. I think there's even a case for shoving pre. I know it would be a huge overbet and I'm not saying that's what I'd do, but i'd think about it on the grounds that you just get to many situations where both limpers call at this level otherwise. Having said that I bet pocket 2s would call and bust you anyway.


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        Hi Ads,

        This is a tought spot due to stack sizes.

        I think a bit big to shove preflop. I'd definately consider it. With one more limper I think I would shove with 225 chips out there. Or in this spot with under 20 BBs I would consider a shove. Generally if we will profit by 15% of our stack when we win with a shove I think it's good and simplifies things.

        I don't think I like shoving the turn. I really don't think many people are calling without a J. Once they call the flop I think they will have alot of Js. And being a passive player, high VPIP low PFR, limping calling preflop and just calling a raise rather than reraising it. I don't think they will be trying to steal the hand off us without a J. I would probably just check-fold the turn, but hard to say vs this much of a loose player.

        On the flop I like a shove better than planning to CBet and shove the turn. It looks more bluffy so we can get called by someone without a J.

        Another option short stacked and playing vs passive opponents would be to not CBet this flop and plan to call one time if the villain is bluffy, or delayed CBet on the turn if the flop checks through.

        Sick turn card though


        Quad Bracelet Winner



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