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$3.50 fifty50, AA on wet board

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  • $3.50 fifty50, AA on wet board

    villains are unknown i didnt raise too much, because i didnt want to scare the raiser off. the flop is pretty wet and if i decide to bet, with this pot size, my only option is to shove should i shove on a drawheavy board vs two players? would it be better to have shoved preflop to avoid a spot like this? also, raising to this amount, i think, gives my hand away and by shoving my range would look wider and could still get a call by JJ+,AK

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    I would shove here, he raised to 210 and 210 X 10 is more than your stack, you don't have space to play on any flop .


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      Hey Espada_Nu.4

      I would prefer shoving preflop, villain has raised to 7x the big blind preflop,when I see villains do this they very very rarely fold to a shove, they tend to have hands like AJs+ and 10's+.

      Having said that I also think 3 betting is fine, I like your sizing it's a good amount, it's not too much and it's not too small.
      What we have to remember here is that the villain that raised to 210 chips is not a good player, if he was a good player he would of made a standard raise size. So with that in mind I don't think that villain is smart enough to realize that when we 3bet him here we have to have the nuts.

      When they both call the pot size is 1500! So with less than a pot sized bet left the only option we have here is to shove all in, and I expect to get called very often by all sorts of pair+combo draws.

      Ultimately I would prefer to shove it all in preflop but I can see myself 3betting some of the time if villain has shown he can 7x and fold to a shove.

      Cheers, Chris,



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