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$0.50 90 Man AK

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  • $0.50 90 Man AK

    This happens a lot with AK, god knows why i called the flop but is there any other way to play AK when you miss the flop :O

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    reply to hand

    The only other thing you could have possibly done was reraise or shove over his donk bet, but his donk bet would lead me to believe he has some sort of hand usually a fairly weak hand which he is trying to protect KJ springs to mind .You could have folded when he donk bet as you are short and wait for a better chance. But i dont mind the action you took not folding for one bet with 2 overs and a gut shot not with no reads. you do not include any reads so i take it you did not have any if i had reads then that would help me come up with a way to play against our opponent. Maybe make a plan before the flop what if you miss and he donks out what are we going to do with AK, having some plan for our hand is always a good idea, if we miss the flop and fold to a donk bet every time we are very exploitable especially if our opponents have a read on us they will do this all the time as most of the time we are not going to improve on the flop. So with reads and stats make our decision alot easier and having a plan helps also we can always change it if we see something we did not expect..
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      Hi adsthepro777,

      I think I would just fold to a donk bet here. There are very few hands that he bets we are ahead of other than pure bluffs. Yes we have outs. But only 10 and not all of them may be clean.

      I don't think folding to donk bets when we don't hit is exploitable. We will hit and commit often enough.

      Calling one time like you have isn't horrible if the player is very aggressive, but they still aren't many bluffs we are ahead of.


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