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bingo player has 4 0uts to win

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  • bingo player has 4 0uts to win

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    with your stack it's the worst play I've seen with AK. It's push preflop. and you donked the flop. Opponent is brilliant
    I'm not a pro.
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      Why would you push with AKo when your out of position? i never raised because bingo players go all in something i will not be doing with a big stack i don't need to my goal is survival this was an open league game

      Whats wrong with donking the flop, im not giving out any free cards
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        Hi mike2198! With this being a league game, the one goal is to last as long as possible, so that I can accumulate more and more league points (especially later in the month when the penalties for early exits are MUCH more severe). Taking a risk of losing real $$ in the end of the month leaderboards is never worth the risk to try to obtain a few extra tourney chips. With AK from MP, I'm going to call behind here, especially if there are any maniacs or aggressive raisers behind me, as I don't want to be all in without a made hand. The button then min-raises and is called by the initial limper, so I'm going to call here too. I flop top pair/top kicker and the first opp checks. I'm going to make a value bet here and the key is the size of it. If this were a standard cash tourney and I saw the flop (I'd have shoved pre) then I'd shove the flop. However, with this being a league game, I'm going to make a std value bet and with 2 opps, that means I'll bet 2/3 pot 6720. I don't want to bet too small here, as by doing so, the opp could be getting the correct odds to try to outdraw me. The turn is what should be a blank and now since I'm up against only 1 opp, I'll make my standard value bet for this situation, which is 1/2 pot (8040). If the river is a blank, then I'll get it in on the river. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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