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$20+$2 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXI (800/1600) AA

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  • $20+$2 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXI (800/1600) AA

    Villain 8 VP13 PR8 3Bet2, now I think it was a bad call There is just one hand that I bet it's AK , The opponent didn't have to have Ah8h, that hand might play that way , and there was multi pot and to ply draw as semi bluff would be bad idea. I had to fold. Am I right?
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    Hi Shichi-77, My 2 cents here I'm with you on the call no mistake not thinking he flops top set. If the stats are for seat 9 they look tight. In a tourney we want more money in the pot and I'd range KK to 3-bet pre so it's a bit of a trap that hit big time. It's a bit different in cash games multi way keeping wider ranges in. One thing about your open bet size when ante's are in the pot. In my opinion you need to bet 2.5x as a minimum raise gives too good a price to call. You are early position so I'd probably go bigger with a 3bb open. Anyway just my thoughts let's see what the HA team say. umbup:


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      min raise is ok at this stage of blinds, but set of 2's or 8's were more possible than KK or AK, any way his hand KK doesn't change anything. . and stats are for villain 9, you are right. If he 3bets I push and it would be a cooler and I wouldn't post it here, but now I made mistake. I think.
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        I understand why you feel now it is a bad call, what were your stats by the way i was wondering why he choosed to flat with kk as i would have expected a 3 bet. you c bet 9,600 which leaves you with just under 40k he shoves which puts 61k in the pot you could have folded and waited for a more clear cut chance, but i am not too sure you can fold as AK is in his range alot and would have played exactly the same way. But this action did look like either we were ahead of AK or we were behind as you have the Ace of hearts for the flush blocker, there is nothing else we are beating apart from AK from such a tight player. As for having a set he could have as we only min raised not too sure the tight player calls with pocket 2s but maybe 8s, i would have liked a 2.5 raise or even a little more we are so early we want to get max value when we have the best starting hand. I know at this stage the min raise is common but the extra half a blind does surprisingly make a difference. obviously we would still get the action from the Kings. So i think i would most probably make the same call most of the time unless with the board being so dry i get the feeling i am no good , at the time did you feel you were possibly behind or did you snap call ? thanks for the hand it is a nice hand to evaluate and i look forward to seeing what there answer is..
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          Hey Schchi-77

          What makes this hand interesting is your bet sizing on the flop. Our pot to stack size ratio is already smaller than usual because we are 4 handed, so when we c bet 9600 into a pot of 14,400 we build a pot of 24k which is not much less than the size of villain nines stack.

          Now that there so much money in the pot to be won if villain 9 did have a flush draw he way more likely to shove rather than call your bet. He is much more likely to shove because in his mind he has fold equity, and if you do fold he picks a huuuuuge amount of chips.

          2 8 K is a dry flop so I don't see the need to c bet so big. Imo the only hands that will call our large c bet are hands like Kx and flush draws.

          If we bet a more standard size of say... half the pot. We may be able to keep middle pair hands like 77,66...

          Because this is a multiway pot I think villains range is significantly tighter than it would be if it was a heads up pot.

          QK/AK/78h/89h are all in there, I think you are giving villain 9 too much credit.

          Although I think that villains range is fairly tight there are still hands that we have crushed into smithereens.

          I feel that folding would be a tremendous mistake to make. I play it how you did every time although my c bet sizing would be smaller to induce weaker hands to stay in the pot.

          Cheers, Chris.
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            [QUOTE at the time did you feel you were possibly behind or did you snap call ? thanks for the hand it is a nice hand to evaluate and i look forward to seeing what there answer is..[/QUOTE]
            Yes I thought , I was behind,but could not fold there, too big pot. I don't think that villain 9 would play 78 or 89, even Ah8h that way. There's K on the board , I raised from early position, opponent should
            understand he don't have fold equity in this situation, there are much more strong K's in my hand range.
            he pushed allin because he knew I wouldn't fold.
            my bet of 9600 was made because of multi-way pot, If be honest I would like to take pot on the flop. Even
            AA are crushed easily in 4 handed pot.
            If there was not Kh on the board and were 2h8h and K other color instead, it would be right call I think. I call 22-88 from the button , I've got position good chance to bluff and chance to hit set on the flop and chance to see free turn. Isn't it right?
            Last edited by Shichi-77; Tue Apr 23, 2013, 10:45 AM.



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