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$5.00+$0.50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XIV (250/500) AKs

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  • $5.00+$0.50 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XIV (250/500) AKs

    Hello again, another strange way played hand opponent isn't just maniac he's monkey. I would raise to 1500 with other type of player but I knew he would call it with any two and I knew he would check raise any flop. I know it seems wild to call hier but I think it's impossible to have nuts always. Question is, how acceptable is such variance at this stage?
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    reply to hand

    If you new you was going to check raise shove all in your c bet why did you just not check, that does not make sense to me one bit we only have Ace high why not see what hits the turn then i think we would play the hand alot better if he leads the turn we can then fold our Ace high hand or maybe he checks and we get to see the river. But to c bet as you new he was going to shove then call the shove i think is a really bad line to take, against these players we will make our money most of the time, but we do not want to give him the chance to suck out on us. wait for a better situation when we have a hand, and we still get him to shove into us when we have him crushed. Sorry i just really hated the way you played this, wait for a better oppurtunity. i know from your other posts that you are a capable player and a thinking player i just dont know what happened here...
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      I played as maniac my self


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        Hi Shichi-77

        I like your raise sizing preflop! Now 9 10 J is an extremely coordinated board which hits a ton of villains range. Villain is likely to be limping in with hands that connect with this flop, hands like K10/KJ/KO/QJ/AJ/J10 and so forth. So when he checks to us I think I would prefer to check back, especially if I have a feeling that we are going to be check raised. The only hands we are going to get villain to fold are small pocket pairs and maybe A5s or something along them lines.

        I think bet calling is a relatively big mistake that will cost us a lot of chips.

        I don't like bet calling the shove. If we are so confident that he is going to check raise us all in then why should we bet in the first place? There are so many hands that we are losing to.

        This is a very high variance call. We both have more than 30 big blinds which is plenty enough.

        Cheers, Chris.
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          Agree , I had to check .



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