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River decision in OSL

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  • River decision in OSL

    This was my last hand this morning in the Open Skill League. I am curious what you think about my river decision. I didn't really have a read on him, apart from that he would call raises preflop with any kind of broadway cards. On the flop I still thought he might be slowplaying a set of Ts, but when he also checked turn and river I thought it would be safe to bet the river for value. Should I have checked behind? Secondly, when he shoved, I thought there was quite a possibility he thought I was bluffing and that he could resteal, which is why I made the call. I found it very unlikely that he would check his flopped set on three streets, but I guess I was wrong about that. Should I have made the fold here?

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    Hi lyoung911! My entire goal in any of the league games is to last as long as possible without ever taking chances. This way, I can accumulate more and more league points for the end of the month leaderboard. With A8s from the button, there is a limp in front of me. If this were a cash tourney, I'd open to 2.2BB+1BB for each limper 6400, however, with this being a league tourney, I'm mucking this preflop. I want to save my chips to be able to last longer, not to take a chance with them. If I was in the hand in a cash tourney, here's what my plan would be.... I would NOT be in this pot in a league game and would muck preflop. The flop is very coordinated and it's also known that the opp plays broadway cards, so this flop could have hit them very easily. When the opp checks to me, since I raised preflop, I'm going to bet 1/2 pot on the flop. If the opp raises, I'm mucking. If the opp calls, then I'm not putting another chip into the pot unless I improve. On the turn, I would then check. I try to avoid checking 2 streets in a row the majority of the time unless I have nothing and saw the flop for free. The river gives me an A and the opp checks. If the opp called a flop bet (which I would make in a cash tourney), then I'd just check behind on the river, as my hand DOES have showdown value. In a league game, I'd definitely check, as I do not want to give the opp an opportunity to bluff.... especially since there were no bets on the flop/turn, I don't know if I'm ahead or crushed. When the opp raises the river, especially in a league game, there is no way that I can call this, as I only want to be all-in if I know that I'm ahead... here, I don't know due to the checks on the flop/turn. In league games, taking chances costs me leaderboard points, which can be worth real $$ at the end of the month... risking real $ for some extra tourney chips is basically never worth it. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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