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NLH 3.3 USD 6K GTD 77 in ITM

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  • NLH 3.3 USD 6K GTD 77 in ITM

    Hello to everyone. I thought he was bluffing , because of over bet push and stop nad go strategy of oponent. i was right, but i'm not sure about my decision. I had comfortable stack left to go on. What to do in such situations?
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    Last edited by Shichi-77; Fri Apr 19, 2013, 08:39 AM.

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    im not a hand analyzer but i would have folded. blinds could have any combination of cards. this is what would be going through my head when he went all in.

    -higher pocket pair although he didnt reraise preflop its still a possibility
    -low pocket pair and hit a set
    -a hand like K9s
    -or two overcards like QJ

    im not sure if calling/folding would be the right move so dont take my advice if you dont want to but personally i would have folded. you still had a lot of chips to work with and risking it all without the nuts is questionable

    edit: now that i think about it, maybe id fold because i saw the outcome. i dont know. next time you post dont show the outcome. i think id still fold tho. you had quite a lot of chips
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      Hi Shichi-77,

      I think you are rgiht with your read. Generally a very strong hand like a set or even A9 here would probably look to check and allow you to CBet.

      Donk bets are generally weaker hands with equity.

      So to decide whether to call of not you need to measure your equity vs his bluffs and weaker made hands.

      I'd be a little worried about 88, T9, J9, Q9 here. Vs these hands we are crushed.

      I would probably fold here to such an overbet cause we have to be right so often for it to be profitable.

      If the guy has been playing like a maniac and you've actually seen him over bet bluffing with air already then you might trust your read a bit more. If you were confident in your read then calling in this spot and being ahead you have great equity.

      Unlucky, big pot


      Quad Bracelet Winner


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        thanks a lot to both of you. I'll post later one other hand. Like to see your comments again



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