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6-max Hyper Turbo Bankroll

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  • 6-max Hyper Turbo Bankroll

    Hi everyone, I've been reading tons of posts and blog about what is a proper BR for 6max Hyper turbo games but still not sure what i should do and what fits my style of playing best. First of all i started playing poker 3 years ago and would consider myself as a serious player which should mean according to PSO that i should have a minimum of 30 times the buy-in of a S&G. As i am not sure about it because of the amount of "donks" playing on these low stakes i was wondering what i have to do to build up some money. I got Holdem Manager from a friend of mine and found out that it is very usefull and till now im making a nice profit also thanks to the stat analysis and alot of analysing on my own gameplay. I consider myself as a loose aggresive player but i am able to make tough folds and mostly are able to get a good read on people. I started playing this year again and deposited €10 euro which is something like $13,15. Currently i am at $ 183,15 which is not bad in my opinion but im getting a bit tired of these low stakes and think i am ready for playing higher stakes from 1.50 to 3.50 now. But still im not sure whether it will be a profitable decison because eventhough you can make good fold and plays it'si no certainty that you will be a winning player. Now my question is what do think of my decision to move up in stakes and take some more risk? I'm really curious what the experienced players think of this and can help me out here making the correct decision. Thanks in Advance!!umbup:

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    Hi Dakstruner, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum and post any comments or questions you may have. We're here to help! Please join us at the PSO Spring Series of Poker, running until the 21st of April. This series is exclusively for PSO members and is held in the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club. Information on how to join the club may be found HERE. Hope to see you there! Good luck at the tables! umbup: Joss
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      To Dakstruner

      Hi Dakstruner I would say why not try it out,especially if your starting to get abit bored,it sounds like you need abit more of a challenge so I would say yes try it out I mean you seem to be doing great and not like me you are starting from the beginning.give yourself $20 and see how you get on. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD POKERING


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        I remember that i loss bigger part of my bankroll in this sits. And i think u should have a bigger bankroll than other sits


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          Ok, thanks for your responses guys i guess its basically my own choice what i think i should do and what i think will be best for my own game!


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            How many tables do you play? are you playing professionally or recreationally. What buyin level are you looking to play. There are many factors as to how many buyins you need to play these games. I played them off and on but for the 7s and under i kept 100 buyin minimum for them as 50 buyin swings are not uncommon as the edges in these games are very minimal. 15s-60s i would say have 200 buyins for these levels as there are usually 3 regs or more per game and then the 100 and above I would say 500 buyins as your roi will most likely be 0ish if you are good as RB will be your main source of profit in these games when you get to this point in the long run

            any questions shoot me a PM I would be happy to help you


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              Thanks for the explanation Matt0278,

              In response to your questions i would say i'm just trying to boost up my BR and would consider myself
              as a serious player ( not a pro ) it's not that i need to make a living from it maybe later on!
              I tend to play 4 tables a time so i still have a good overvieuw of what is going on.
              I'm currently at $216,50 dollars but haven't only been playing S&G Hypers also some MTT's because i am still thinking about what is the best thing to do



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                Your bankroll is just fine for the $3.50 level but how many games total have you played? What's your ROI in those $1.50 games? Good players are looking at a 8-12% ROI and the best even higher at that level and that's after thousands of games. If you play only 4 tables at the same time you can probably maximise the ROI for your skill level.

                Why not play both levels at the same time? If you go below $100 then stick to the $1.50 games but I've never seen that big down-swings in those games.


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                  Hi raccy,

                  I haven't played that much S&G yet to get a good grip on my statistiks i guess.
                  In total i played 230 S&G Hypers with a buy in of 3.50 according to my Holdem Manager with a ROI of 16.5
                  For the 1.50 buy in S&G i played a total of 481 with a ROI of 2.89.
                  But before i got Holdem Manager from a friend i have also been playing these games so i probably played about 1500-2000 S&G in total.
                  I'll think that is a good idea to mix it up a bit and see how it goes on for that!.

                  Thanks for your advice!



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