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0.55 NL holdem

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  • 0.55 NL holdem

    can u comment on my play here was it good or bad?

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    heey casa

    i like your pre flop raise and sizing. flop action i like again good bet and good sizing. on the turn i would always check since the turn has brought the flush the opponent will porbably fold all his andur pairs to you and only contineu with better hands, so i dont like betting there i would have checked. his check raise is kinda scary and fishy at the same time so i would call that aswell since whe bet so small he could have smelled weeknes but didnt want to put to much in the pot. thats another thing i dont like betting the turn but this was also a pretty small bet that smells like weakness. the river is off course a obvious fold. his pot sized bet just screams i have a monster
    hope this helps
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      yes it did thanks alot


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        Hi casa,

        I like raising preflop here, and c-betting the flop is fine although checking back the flop and making a delayed c-bet on the turn or inducing bluffs is a nice line vs. more aggro opponents.

        As played I agree with checking behind on this turn. When the villain check-calls the flop a lot of his range will be Jx or draws and you're not beating anything now. Also this is a fold 100% of the time to the check-raise, it seems very likely we are behind and vs. a flush are drawing dead.

        Our hand strength doesn't warrant putting any more money in the pot, it's really weak. Check back the turn, and fold to any appreciable river bet imo.
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