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0.25 FR SNG 45man early - Flop is suited I have two pair

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  • 0.25 FR SNG 45man early - Flop is suited I have two pair

    This question is more about this hand in general. I just happend to came across this hand in a tournament. HUD: Villain 4, 20 Hands: 40/32 Villain 2, 20 Hands: 90/10 I know 20 Hands is not very much, but its a tournament. Both players where neither very aggressive nor very passive postflop. Preflop: In position, loose opps., fishy opps. could call a nutflush This is the most terrible flop I have ever seen. 1. I hit two pair 2. A flush is more than possible Should I just fold after the flop? It is very likely at least one of them has a flush. I called because I hoped for a full house (4 outs) - which could give me very good implied odds in case one of them has a high flush. Is it worth the chance - paying 15% of the pot? On the turn I think checking is ok On the river, I was thinking about value betting, but I was unsure if a very small flush could call me. I would have to fold to any reasonably sized raise. Was it ok to just check and get over with the hand? Thank you, Jonas
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    pre flop i would have folded here but i think that you played the hand verry wel post flop
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      Hi d2p22,

      I agree completely with adohole here.

      The 3 kicker is just too bad. With this hand we're hoping to hit 2 pair, trips or a flush and a flush draw could just end up costing us alot if we don't hit it.

      If it was a limped pot I wouldn't mind limping behind on the button as it's nice and cheap and huge implied odds. But for a raise just fold it pre.

      On the flop I think you have to call once and I would fold to a reraise or continued aggression on the turn.

      I don't think there's really any value betting river especially in a sng where preserving chips is more of a concern than trying to squeeze out a tiny bit of equity in a tight spot.


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        thank you!

        I will tighten up my starting range when there is a raise in front of me - no more As rags suited.




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