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Sit and go $4.50 NL AKu gets slaughtered

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  • Sit and go $4.50 NL AKu gets slaughtered

    Hi, Hope I've raised this correctly. I have little info about the villain and I play a AKu quite aggressively 4 * BB on the button. The BB then goes All-In and I take a chance going all in - hope the clip shows what happens next. Was the opening bet about right? Just how risky was it for me to go all-in on a AKu not knowing what the BB had? How does AKu stack up odds wise against what he had? Your thoughts appreciated! Blake

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    Hi Blake575

    Everything looks good to me I like to isolate the caller with a raise size of 3x the big blind (450) or 4x (600), in this case you went for 4x which is fine but as we have only 19 big blinds I would make it 3x just so that we don't bloat the pot.

    The problem here is that we only have 19 big blinds, we are not very short in chips but were at that stage where we are close to becoming a short stack. This isn't necessarily a problem but afer putting in 20% of our stack there is no way we are folding to the big blinds all in shove. The big blind can be doing this with hands that he thinks is ahead of ours, maybe AJ+,88+.

    As it happens, villain is a slight favorite with his nines. We have a 45% chance to win the hand, but remember to take into consideration that he will show up with worse Ax hands here, so with that in mind and with the dead money in the pot, this is a very very good spot for us that we should never be passing.

    Cheers, Chris.


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      Thank you - a sensible and helpful answer



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