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Micro MTT Strategy

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  • Micro MTT Strategy

    Hi guys, I've been playing micro mtt's in small weekend sessions for a while now, figuring if I catch a great run a big cash would help me climb out of the micro levels. Its quite obvious that most micro players aren't fundamentally good at poker, making them easier to beat. I have been grinding the stt's as much as possible during time off study, but was wondering if there is a preferred playing style against so many LAG and LP players during the middle stages of the tournament with an average stack?

    Any opinions are great!

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    when im in middle stage in a micro level, i keep repeating the same thing to myself - FOLD FOLD FOLD, and if you're not sure FOLD.


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      Try and stay out of trouble with marginal hands, but try and utilize postion where possible, to either isolate a limper with a raise, or call in position with good drawing hands, as bad players will often price you in to chase draws. When you hit the flop (TPGK+) then go into value-betting mode. Bet close to pot on every street to get as much value as possible from the stations. In case it's not obvious, you should barely be bluffing at all. Just try and make a hand and then get value. Against a LAG/maniac, you can probably stack off on the flop with TPTK, as they raise with all sorts of junk. Against a nittier player or someone that's been very passive, give them a lot more credit if you get raised.
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        Hi Manc Ados, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Please feel free to look around the forum and post any comments or questions you may have. Please join us at the PSO Spring Series of Poker, running until the 21st of April. This series is exclusively for PSO members and is held in the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club. Information on how to join the club may be found HERE. Hope to see you there! Good luck at the tables! Joss umbup:
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          Thanks for the great advice Arty. Just another quick question aswell, with premium hands such as Jacks, or even Queens + and AK, should I be trying to jam it in pre-flop IF possible since gaining chips is quite easy with monster AIPF. Or do you recommend trying to stay out of flip situations in the middle of an mtt and/or close to the bubble with an average stack? (Keeping in mind cashing isn't as important to me as making it deep due to easily being able to win it back in the micros.)



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            It would really depend on stack sizes, position and reads. When you're around 30bb, commitment decisions can be really tricky, but when you're below 20bb, it's rarely a bad idea to try and get all in pre with JJ+ and AK.
            You definitely have to win some races if you want to go deep.
            I'd recommend you join some live training sessions (or check the archives) because the trainers explain their plays and will get you thinking about all the things you have to consider when making a move.
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              Yeah that's true. Yeah I've got no problem with playing a short stack of 20BB and under, but its around the 30-50bb level where I either play too tight, or seem to be making a few too many -EV plays.

              You certainly have to. But maximizing your equity in the hand can be difficult at times with so many 'bad' players.

              I've watched a fair few video's that have certainly been beneficial but you can never watch enough really.

              What about in the money play; is it best to lean towards a more LAG style to try accumulate as many chips as possible or better to play TAG poker?


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                Originally posted by Manc Ados View Post
                What about in the money play; is it best to lean towards a more LAG style to try accumulate as many chips as possible or better to play TAG poker?
                I'm playing TAG. There are so many loose maniacs, that if you're playing solid tight poker and are aggressive with your better hands, you CAN accumulate chips.

                John (JWK24)

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