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Set of Aces in $.10 $50 added

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  • Set of Aces in $.10 $50 added

    No particular reads, except that the villain seemed to be playing a lot of hands. He had gone to showdown previously with A6o and no pair, after calling a fairly large river bet.
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    Hi Joy! With A6s on the button, I'm going to make my standard raise here to 3BB (300). I don't lower my bets to 2.5BB until it hits 100/200, as players will stay more often due to the lower bets, especially in a turbo like this. I want to try to deter the blinds from staying in the hand (or make them pay to try to outdraw me). I flop trip aces with a bad kicker. The key here is that I have trips, not a set, as if I had a set, I would need one on the board and a pocket pair.. so nobody else could have 3 of a kind. When the opp checks to me, I'm going to make my standard c-bet here for being up against one opp, which is 1/2 pot (250). Betting 1/2 pot will give the opp the wrong odds if they want to try to draw to a straight or flush. The turn brings a flush draw and I'm going to make the same play on the turn, as a 1/2 pot bet will price out a single opp and give them the wrong odds to draw. With there being 1100 in the pot, I'll bet 550 and if the opp wants to come over the top, I'm absolutely calling. Making this bet also sets up an easy situation for me on the river, as it will make it easy for me to shove the river and due to the stack to pot ratio, can easily get called by lesser hands. If the opp has a larger A than me, so be it. In this tourney, with it being a turbo (and a tourney that I've played over 160 times), I'm more than happy to get it in here and want my hand to play out so that I can get it in on the river, as the stacks are a bit large to get it in on the turn. If I had less chips in front of me so that a turn bet would pot-commit me, I'm more than happy to get it in on the turn. 10X, 8X, mid/low pairs and hands that pair the river will most likely stay, so I can absolutely get called by much worse. What I want to do is to make it so that if my A6 is ahead (which it will be the overwhelming majority of the time), I want to have the opp make a -EV play to try to outdraw me on every street. If they make -EV plays the entire way throughout the hand and get lucky, then so be it, as I'll win a large number of chips on average from them in this situation. Another key here is that if I can stack the opp here, I'm not that far off from having enough chips to cash in the tourney (may need to win 1 more hand or steal a couple sets of blinds)... but it sets me up very well for a run in the tourney. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      I think the line of pricing him out of a draw is all fine and well but what if the villain is not on a draw? What if he has a made hand? He could have A10 or A8 and we are drawing dead, he could have 10s, virtually drawing dead again to the last A or 8s and we need to hit our 6, a 10 or the final A. He could have a better Ace. On the other hand he could have air or maybe the flush draw, but he has 9 outs to the flush draw, just like we have 9 outs to the house when the outs are clean.

      The problem is that no matter how well you play your hand or how bad the other player is, there are times when he simply has the better hand and there is little you can do about it. If you bet 550 into the turn Joy and the villain calls and the river comes a spade (not a 6 or a 10 though) and the villain leads out or shoves are you really happy to get it in on the river? I think not.

      This opponent looks loose passive, possibly even a calling station and I am not betting into him street after street until he hits his hand as I am sure has happened all of us so many times before. I am also not going to build a pot for him if he already has a made hand and is slow playing it (fish love doing this!!)

      I would check behind here. If he checks the river I would make a small value bet, if he check raises me he most likely has me beaten, stations or fish rarely bluff. I am happy to win a smaller pot than have my stack decimated by value betting each street when I am not at least 80% sure I am value betting the best hand.

      Thanks and let us know how it went,



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        Thank you both for the detailed analysis. It's especially interesting, because I thought I should have played this hand the way John advises, but I actually did check the turn as Topthecat advises, worried about a bigger ace. I sure didn't expect the hand he showed up with. The river bet had "VALUE" written all over it but I didn't listen. PS. Sorry about the "set" business, I know better, just being sloppy.
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          Oh my

          Hey Joy, I missed seeing you in The Big Bang today ... am thinking of trying to get a list together of all the ways we can try to win Big Bang tickets, so hopefully I can get one for next month too - hope to see you there if you're thinking of trying to win one too!!



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