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$3.50 fifty50, too loose of a call?

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  • $3.50 fifty50, too loose of a call?

    villain is reg, and i have seen him shoving with 10BB wide i have 22 in the BB and since i am last in chips i decide to take my chances. was my call correct?

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    I think calling with 2s here is a bit loose, mainly because he is definitely going to have two overcards unless he has twos as well You will only hit your set one time in seven and if he hits either of his overcards you are crushed. I would even say that against Q10x you have less equity than the villain pre flop so making the call and hitting one of your two outs required some good fortune. But poker is a strange game and sometimes fortune favours the brave.



    Edit: If he is a reg he is probably using an ICM calculator to shove a range of hands in different scenarios and 2s probably do not perform well against that range generally which means he has a lot of fold equity. Having said that I have seen many people shoving small pocket pairs and holding up against what would be considered a better range. I think shoving ranges in ST SnGs especially when short stacked are more influenced by good fortune than any other part of the game but that is just an opinion.
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      Hi Espada_Nu.4

      I'm folding 2's.
      Most villains will be shoving around 20% of their hands and our equity against this range is poor. We will have just 43% equity. We should fold and find a better spot to get the money in.

      Cheers, Chris.



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