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$3 NLH SNG - last hand

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  • $3 NLH SNG - last hand

    Hi , sorry I put three hands out here but I really feel they cover some areas I am confused about so appreciate your help. this last hand I looked at it and thought JJ great nail it and wanted to shove it all in. But then I wasnt sure if given my stack size that was the right play or not. As mentioned previously Jokkes has been seeing a lot of plays but often winning with A3 or something like that so I knew he could playout low cards. Somehow he always seemed to luck out and win. I guess my question with this is should I have just shoved it or what other ways are there to play this given its one seat away from the money seats. [46/46] ########################################## PokerStars Game 96988881177 / Tournament Table 717494544 1 - Blinds : 100/200 ########################################## 3 players [SB] SazzyGirl83 (2940) [BB] Jokkez 85 (3280) [But] mdkb123 (2780) mdkb123 Initial Pot: 300 mdkb123 raises to 400 SazzyGirl83 folds Jokkez 85 calls 200 ### FLOP ### Pot: 900 Jokkez 85 checks mdkb123 bets 200 Jokkez 85 calls 200 ### TURN ### Pot: 1300 Jokkez 85 checks mdkb123 bets 600 Jokkez 85 is All in mdkb123 is All in ### RIVER ### Pot: 6160

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    heey mdkb i like your raise pre flop a shove is fine here aswell but a min raise is nice to induce a shove from him. but on the flop i think you have to bet close to half pot. the min bet is to small. when he calls i i would always check the turn behind. because whith a bet he will fold all worse hands and will call with better hands. and after his shove its a fold the pott odds are good but i would fold there almost everytime unless you have a verry speciffic read on him that he does this as a bluff often
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      Hi mdkb123! Preflop with JJ, I'm going to make a standard raise, which for me at this blind level is to 2.5BB+1BB for each limper. I start at 3BB, then at 100/200 I drop to 2.5BB, then at 1k/2k I drop to 2.2BB. One thing that you will not see me do, unless I mis-click, is min-raise. The entire point of raising is to build a pot and to deny the opps from having the correct odds to try to outdraw you. All that min-raising does is to give the opp the CORRECT odds to try to beat me, which means that on average, they're going to gain chips from my bets instead of me gaining chips from my bets. I flop an overcard and a pair, which is not what I'd like to see, especially the ace. Post flop, I want to size my bets based on the size of the pot and once again, I use standard bet sizes for all of my plays. For being against one opp, my standard bet size is 1/2 pot. Since I raised preflop, I will make a c-bet on the flop of 450. I do not want to bet less than 1/2 pot, as this once again is a bet that can give the opp the correct odds to try to outdraw me. When I make bets, I want to size them so that if the opp wants to try to call to outdraw me, they are making a play where they expect to lose chips on average. By betting too small, the odds get thrown into the opp's favor and then calling for them will be a play where they expect to gain chips from me. I want to avoid this whenever possible. The turn should be a total brick unless the opp picked up a heart flush draw. If the opp called a 500 bet preflop and then a 1/2 pot bet on the flop, when the opp checks to me on the turn, I'm going to check it back for pot control and re-evaluate on the river as the opp could very easily have Ax here. Another thing that I have to consider here, is that if I do make another standard bet, I'm going to be pot-committed (over 1/3 my stack will go into the pot), so I couldn't really make any bet other than to shove. The river is another overcard and I'm hoping that the opp checks again. If so, then I'm going to check and go to showdown, as I do have showdown value, but may not be the best hand. If the opp makes a very small bet, then I'll call and hope to not see an A (which I probably will). If the opp makes any sizable bet, then I need to muck and look for a better spot. As the low stack, but still close to the chip lead, I can absolutely make a case for shoving preflop too. I'm only at 13.5BB, so I am starting to get short. Personally, I'd rather make a standard raise and try to outplay the opp post-flop, BUT, if I'm going to get the chips in without hitting another J, then I'm much better shoving preflop than letting the opp see a card that could potentially beat me and then having to call an all-in. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        head slap guys thank you sooo much I am slapping my head here as I can see exactly what you are saying especially about the flop bets. It makes some sense as well since when I started play early on and was winning I tended to bang a lot more in at that stage but once I started on the lessons maybe I misinterpreted them but I got the impression a C-bet was supposed to be about the same as the pre flop bet. I will adjust this point of my play and see how it goes. thanks guys really amazing info here. this may explain why I have been getting nailed so much. And John that stuff about considering the pot value from their perspective is priceless. I never thought about that and when I think back I realise that pause between them playing against my flop bet is probably them adding that up and rubbing their hands in glee. and for the record he showed thanks mdkb



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