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nuts shove or call

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  • nuts shove or call

    obvious read is set of the caller
    the 1st limper is a fit/fold LPP station

    this was on the bubble, any merit in calling?

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      heey i think you played the hand well. i personally would have folded pre flop but there is no problem in calling behind preflop. on the flop i would have checked aswell and the turn i would have jammed it aswell. callling isnt good here. this is why, you have the nuts and he already commited by just calling you give him fisrt of a thought that he could fold the river. and you give him a free card. hope this helps
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        I personally would have folded pre-flop, but if not, then checked on the flop as you did, and then called after a guy went all in - the way I see it, he's already all-in, no point putting my own life on the line here too. Whenever I see multi-way all-ins (this usually happens in OSL games of course), I think to myself "what do you guys think will happen here, only one of you is staying in, what's your end game". Obviously you were ahead of him here and got rivered, that's bad luck; but I also think he played AA badly. I don't know what I'm saying here is good strategy, just how I'd have played it.


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          Hey sjekk

          I am folding this preflop, there are many hands that I like to over call with but 45o isn't one of them, it isn't going to flop strong enough very much of the time and will often get us in a pickle.

          As played, checking back or betting the flop is fine, looking around at stack sizes I think I'd prefer to bet the flop but it's not a big deal.

          I would be worried that player 4 has a set but he will also play weak Ax hands the same way so for that reason I think a call is in order, on the other hand, there is already a ton of money in the pot so I think shoving is ok too, I would prefer to call though, planning to get it all in on any river card.

          Thanks, Chris



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