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$7 NLHE STT - 3 way all-in with KK - a lesson in pre-flop betting?

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  • $7 NLHE STT - 3 way all-in with KK - a lesson in pre-flop betting?

    I ended up in this rather amusing situation yesterday with three of us all-in at a reasonably early stage of this STT. Had it not been for Villain_1 pushing all-in on the BB, I would have probably been happy to just call Villain_6. However, given his action, I felt that my push would deter Villain_6 whose initial re-raise appeared rather weak. Unfortunately this was not to be as the showdown demonstrates! In these positions (particularly myself and Villain_1), would you have played any differently?

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    Correct me if I'm wrong here but I'm pretty damn sure it's never going to be profitable to fold KK pre with ~30BB stacks. (Maybe if you had stats on people and you were facing a shove and call from two ultra/nitty players.) Sure the aces got you this time but it's pretty clear that the other one was happy to do the same with queens, and others will shove with lighter in similar spots. I'd label this a cooler and move on umbup:


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      Thanks for the feedback

      I was never going to fold the KK - my question was more around whether the shove (for the reason above) was the right play, or whether it would have been better to have just called?

      Clearly the BB took a risk and ran in to a pile of trouble with his QQ only to come up against the KK and AA. However, putting myself in his position having seen a raise and re-raise ahead of him with a shorter stack, I don't think it's one I would take at that stage of the tournament, though I take your point about others shoving with less.

      It's obviously a rare setup and could have gone any which way if any of us had hit on the board. I don't think I would play any differently - just interested to see what others would do in either of our positions.

      Don't worry, I'm not losing any sleep over this one - I actually got a few lucky breaks and played back from my remaining 225 chips to finish in 2nd place!


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        Hi donkey_gsy imo what you did was correct - Isolation You can't know what the original open raiser has and your shove is designed to get a fold from that player. So you should be heads up against the 3-bet shove in good shape. umbup:


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          yup agree with forrest. just bad luck it happens still im not folding kk 30bb deep ever
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            Hi donkey_gsy,

            I also think this is really just a cooler for all 3 players involved.

            Villain 1 would need a strong read I think to want to fold QQ.

            In saying that, your 4x raise UTG looks very strong. So if Villain 6 was a good tight player also and aware of the strength you've shown it could be possible for Villain 1 to a lay down. But without reads I think going with the QQ is ok.

            In terms of Shove or Call. It really doesn't matter you guys are getting it in anyway. It would be normal to shove but I doubt Villain 6 is ever folding no matter what you do, 3betting a big UTG raise with 1/3rd of his stack.

            Only adjustment I would make is reducing your raise size to 3x absoulte tops UTG at this blind level. You could even open lower.


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