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$100K Freeroll - Level IX - Pocket 3s with less than 10BB

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  • $100K Freeroll - Level IX - Pocket 3s with less than 10BB

    If anything, perhaps I should have folded after the flop given the massive flush draw, but as I am low stacked I decide to play it out. But should I have shoved sooner? Would that have scared the draws off? Looking at the play of Villain_8, I'm not too sure I would have made that call at all. Any thoughts?

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    IMO in this spot being so short you don't really have enough chips to be doing anything other than shoving or folding pre flop. If this was an unopened pot and folded to me I would easily shove the 33 with your stack. Since villain 5 limped it would depend on how he is playing. If he had been limping a lot and folding to shoves then I would just shove this. If you think based on his play that he is going to be calling then I might lean towards a fold since at best you'll be flipping for your tournament life.


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      i agree with collin. pre flop this is a shove or fold. but on the flop i think you just have to ship the money in. if he has a flush o to bad but thats isnt verry often. hope this helps
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        Don't really like the threes as a shoving hand, as we already have so little fold equity - over the 3 big stacks behind - or two shorter stacks who have reasonable reshove stack sizes, or the limper - so with 6 players to get through I would expect one or two calls or reshoves, leaving us in bad shape against 2 or more overcards.

        However - we are already in the money, the payout structure is very flat, and going through the blinds with antes at this/next level will cripple us anyway, so I would grit my teeth and shove it preflop.

        As played - limp behind and hitting a set- I am always shoving the flop hoping to get called by any pair or any spade draw.

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          So, either shove pre-flop or at the latest post-flop.

          Perhaps a follow-up question: playing TAG (or at least, trying to) in tournaments, I always find myself short-stacked in later levels. Am I playing it too tight?

          For example, prior to above hand, I saw the flop 8 ot of 72 times (11%)
          Out of those, I win 3 pots without showdown and 2 out of 3 on showdown (according to the stats in the tournament history)


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            Generally as the money bubble gets closer many people will tighten up in order to ensure they cash. If you do this you may find yourself cashing but short in chips. To avoid this you have the perfect opportunity to pick up lots of easy chips. When near the bubble start opening more (like 2 -2.5x bb) when folded to you with all kinds of hands. You'll pick up a lot of uncontested pots and be in a much better spot once the bubble breaks. Gl


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              Hi Kay_ElWeirdo! With less than 8BB and a limp in front of me, I look down at 33. I agree that this needs to be an open-shove or a fold. I'm nowhere near deep enough to setmine, so calling is out of the question. If I were to setmine, I need both my stack an the opp's stacks to have 15BB in them and I'm well under this. I'm going to shove here preflop. I have a very marginal made hand that plays much better against less opps, so I want to try to lower the number of opps drawing to overcards and the way that I can try to do this is to shove preflop. When I pull out my shove chart, for this number of BB and position, every pair and every ace along with a number of hands are within the shove range, so shoving here is definitely profitable over time. I'm definitely not going to call here preflop for three reasons. First, if I'm in the pot, I can't really ever be folding, as I don't have enough chips to leak off even 1BB. Secondly, I don't want to let any of the opps see that they pair the flop, as basically anyone that does is now ahead of me. Thirdly, if I hit a part of the board... I don't have enough chips to price anyone out, so if they get a draw, I can't make it a negative play for them to stay in the hand and draw. From your numbers, I would say that you're playing too tight and the positions I'd look at the most are the button and cutoff. I try to aim for 20-25% flops, which can vary depending on the cards that I get. I might be near 10% if I'm totally card dead and I could be at 30-35% if I'm getting really good cards. Shoving post flop is NOT an option and accomplishes absolutely nothing as I don't have enough chips to price any draws out. I never want to see a flop here, as for me it needs to be a shove or fold preflop. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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