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$1.10 NLHE MTT with JJ

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  • $1.10 NLHE MTT with JJ

    Late stages of the daily $1.5k guarantee game. I'm kicking myself because I was in a decent position to take this one deep, but at the same time I don't know if I did anything wrong? I figured I was going to be committed all the way anyway with open ended straight draw, flush draw, and straight flush draw, I might as well take the initiative and give opponent the option to fold. Bad move?

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    Hi Lane,

    I think we should think about 3 betting preflop in this situation. There is 16k chips in the pot already with the raise and the call. So depending on the looseness of the openers game we could look to 3bet hopefully fold out the initial raiser and even get it in against the shorter stack.

    On the flop we do have a hand that looks nice but our flush draw could be dominated the straight draw could be shared with one of the opponents since we are only using 1 card to make it (although we do have one of the other Jacks so it's a little less likely). And obviously the big one although we have draws someone could be there aleady, meaning we're drawing to 2 outs.

    If we're happy to get it in. I think a check raise would probably be a better option than open shove because I don't think a made flush or straight would ever be over betting like this. If the opponent is not a C-Bettor then we may even get a free turn which would be good for pot control on a board this wet.

    I think shoving the flop is too big. 4 times the pot. We only get called by hands that beat us or have decent flush equity, and all hands we beat fold (Maybe with the exception of AT) If we had just pot sized left behind then I think it's a better option because we can still get called by draws or one pair hands.

    Nice run. Unlucky


    Quad Bracelet Winner


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      Thanks Andy, great stuff. I had only seen 5 hands from this guy, so no reads to speak of. I agree that a 3-bet pre-flop might've worked out better for me. That's something I need to be more willing to do; I don't utilize it enough. I am always worried though that if someone is raising from UTG they must have something pretty good, at least as good as JJ. In this situation he probably would've folded though. It looked to me like I had a fistful of outs and already an overpair. In reality I basically had 2 outs, 7d and Qd. Also can see what you mean about my shove on the flop. I have to remember to think about how the opponent would respond to my move based on whether they have a better or worse hand and how that will benefit or cost me. Thanks again!



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