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Short stack bubble play

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  • Short stack bubble play

    This kind of thing is usually my bread and butter but here I'm a little unsure if this is +EV. The villain had been playing pretty snug but was super short so likely to call. On the other hand folding is just building his stack for free which is not good with such short blinds. Please note I'm not trying to be results orientated here, I don't care that I lost the hand as I know sometimes he'll have a decent hand and A4 is ahead a lot of my range here. My question is more about the stack size dynamic than the actual cards. Might be worth noting my reason for posting this question is the guy in the 3 seat (i.e. to villains left) was playing/calling a lot wider. So there was a very likely all in between them both next hand had I folded, now I think about it.
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    Hi Fadyen,

    imo shove here we want the top money spots

    ok it's the bubble but we are live and nicely connected sb vs bb

    If bb is tight 100% shove I'd need good reads to just muck and play my button next hand
    ... and possibly aggressively abusing the bubble.

    We can play small ball and complete sb but are you calling a shove?

    An aggressive line against the bb with 4bb behind could be called by any 2 overs A9o+ (we see A4s I'm calling)
    ... "it depends"

    Best to go with your read on the bb
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      Hi Fadyen! My first instinct with 78s here is to shove, but I went to an ICM calculator to find out what range they say and whether or not I'm within that range. If the payoffs are 50%, 30%, 20%, for your stack vs the BB's stack, here is the shove range it shows me. 90%, 22+ Tx+ 92s+ 93o+ 82s+ 84o+ 72s+ 74o+ 62s+ 64o+ 52s+ 53o+ 42s+ 32s I've actually got a 2nd ICM calculator for it and it says to shove ATC. 78s is definitely within the range, so I'm going to shove with it. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Thanks for the replies. Although I'm still a little unsure if I realise more equity by folding and letting the short stack shove any 2 the very next hand as he would have only 5 BBs in the SB. Also it would mean no risk to my chip lead and I would have another chance to pick up a strong hand on the button. But maybe I'm over thinking it.

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          heey fadyen i really like shoving her. he will fold allot of hand on the buble and even when he calls 87 is almost the perfext hand against a strong holding. and if you loose you are still in the sng with a decent amount of chips
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