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Hi Guys tell me what you think please.

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  • Hi Guys tell me what you think please.

    This is my first time posting in here so be brutal if you wish lol, I am ok with some of my starts in tourneys keeping tight and picking spots looking for tell and weak players but I have had a few comments (much appreciated) that I lack agression in some spots so here is a hand I played in the Sunday Storm that is my most recent questionable hand, I think I got lucky to river the straight but didn't get paid by betting too big maybe ? I have a few more to look at but will start with this. Thanks for reading umbup:
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    Hey chillipops umbup: Preflop is goooood I like calling too, we are both deep and we are going to have position on him if it gets heads up. When checked to you on this super dry flop I think betting out is fine but I feel that when we bet out we are going to get called sometimes by small/medium pairs and some stubborn AQ/AK hands so if we do bet the flop we would often have to barrel the the turn which isn't necessarily a bad thing because we have a decent amount of equity with our 2 overs and backdoor hearts. Checking back is fine too, especially if we have some sneaky/laggy players that are capable of check raising us. If player 4 bet any bigger than he did I would fold but as he's giving us 5/1 on our money AND our hand may even be good, I like to call. I think you bombed the river a little too hard. This big of a bet will get hands like KJ to fold! Imo your bet sizing here tells the table that you are either bluffing, or that you have a monster hand. Weak opponents may sometimes find a call here with Kx hands but you'd have to be lucky for them to first of all have a hand like KJ, and secondly you'd have to be lucky enough that they will make a hero call. I'd definitely like a bet that is close to 50% of the pot, maybe 1200 or something similar. Cheers, Chris.



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