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Saturday Micro $3.30 BI - River Spew or Value Bet

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  • Saturday Micro $3.30 BI - River Spew or Value Bet

    Villain is 34/19 across all the hands I played with him (93). I had mostly observed him showing down with good hands though so generally got away from hands after the flop.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre-flop, I have been fairly nittish up to this stage, the only real pot I played was getting it all-in with QQ against AKo and hitting a set for a double-up. There is a limper and I decide to go ahead and play AJs from middle position. I find it fairly easy to get away from A high hands after the flop if I miss. On the flop I hit top pair and make a c-bet expecting a fold but minding a call as he could easily have a worse A than me or random K hands. On the turn I bet again, again expecting a fold, as unless he had a K or had hit two pair the board had got a bit worse for him. I now had two pair, Aces and Kings, with a Jack kicker. If he has a lower pocket pair he has been counterfeited and I have the best hand. He calls again. On the river, I have committed more than half my stack already, it IS possible I have the best hand. With the likes of QQ out there or worse A combinations calling to the river. If he had a K then I am beat. I decide to shove because I feel pot committed having put so much in already. If I had checked and lost the pot I still had 20bb - so it wasnt such that I had to shove. So my question is, was this spew? Villain tanked and used almost his whole time bank before folding, that combined with his previous showdown hands, makes me think he had definitely hit something on the flop/turn/river. After the hand finished he told me that he put me on AK or KK which at the time would certainly have been in my range as I was playing something like 7/5 over 79 hands. If he had a K I was finished in the tournament. Thankfully with those chips and a bit of a heater I went on to finish 351st out of more than 12,000 only losing out with a couple of races going against me and shoving AK into AA with around 17bb left to play.

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    Hi bhoylegend! With AJs from mid position, I'm going to make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper, so I'll raise to 350. I really don't want to bet less than this, as I don't want to invite a bunch of players that would have position on me into the pot. I see a 3-way pot that has both straight, flush and a combo draw available, BUT, I do hit top pair. When it checks to me, with 2 opps and these draws available, I'm going to value bet 3/4 pot (968 chips). If there wasn't a combo draw, then I could bet 2/3 pot. I do not want to bet less than this, as the opps can get a +EV call from staying in the hand. Since either or both could easily have a draw, I want to make sure that the opps have a -EV play to call my bet. By betting less, if the opp hits their draw, it's then not them getting lucky, it's my own fault that I lose the hand becuase I gave them the right odds to draw. I see the turn HU and the board pairs the K, which is well within the opp's range. Here is where I need to make my decision in the hand. Due to the possible combo draw, if I bet, I need to up my standard HU size from 1/2 pot to 2/3 pot (1794 chips). However, this bet will definitely pot-commit me. Due to this, my play has to be made on the turn here and it's either shove or fold. Seeing how I gain 2/3 to my stack if the opp would fold, especially with a very tight table image that should get me more folds, I'm shoving the turn here. I can't wait until the river, because then the line that I have taken in the hand does not make sense. With the line that was taken, I wouldn't put you on AK, KK or AA at all, as I would expect a turn shove from them (to look like a steal) and hopefully have a better chance of being called. Making an abnormal bet when being pot-committed falls into my JDLR column (just don't look right) and when something doesn't look right, it's normally a bluff. Making plays like this on the turn is why I want to have 100 buy-ins in my bankroll. I want to be making them, as it's how I can accumulate chips for a deep run in a tourney, but I will lose out anytime the opp has a K or AQ and I need to have my bankroll set to withstand those occurrences. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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