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$7 STT - End game last hand good call I win, bad call 3bb behind...

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  • $7 STT - End game last hand good call I win, bad call 3bb behind...


    Here is the only maths I do using the ratio method - money all-in on flop and two cards to come. So 2 : 1 pot odds OK sigh.. it's a draw.

    At this stage in this STT I have 45 minutes of live reads and my opponent was an open limper and I felt I had a good edge post flop.

    This did manifest itself heads up. I'd be btn opening a wide range get a call and take the pot post flop. Then what followed was any button open I get shoved on for 20bb+.

    So now I can rarely see a flop and I have to fold all open raises as the villain takes me out pre - the blinds are going up stacks getting even.

    Here I have a moment to see a flop. Risk / reward:
    Good call I win, bad call 3bb left behind...

    Is this an instant call >>$29.03 win or $17.41 lose<< (+ 3bb chips and chair)?

    I hope this was pot odds + ICM correct but the moral of the story K kicker wins.

    PS. Missed the gut shot better odds - Not Omaha my head still hurts after Dave's training.
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Fri Mar 29, 2013, 05:53 AM. Reason: missed gutter

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    yeah you mad the right call here, icm doesnt really go for HU play thats more for the buble and 3 handed. btw if i get shoved on all the time and the blinds go up. im shoving myself when he has around 15bb if he doesnt shove allot then stick with the min raise. btw hiss call with j9o pre flop is pretty bad. with 15bb i dont like calling any hands. but your play i like here hope this helps
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      Hi adohole Thanks I forgot icm is not for heads up. A $12 decision did make me think a moment. I could be beat already and only drawing. umbup:


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        Hi Forrest,

        I would absolutely get it in on the flop here, we should have plenty of equity with a flush draw, gut shot, and overcard here so I like the semi-bluff bet and am not folding to his check-shove. He's only started the hand with 15 bb's, I don't think we should ever put 5 of them in (2 x pre and 3x c-bet) and then fold our hand... if we have to (like if we have no hand equity, for example if we held 5d6d here), then we should usually adjust our actions so as to not be putting this much in the pot, like c-betting smaller.

        When the opponent adjusts to your game plan but shoving over the top of your button opens, instead of continuing to minraise you can make some changes to counter what he's now doing. A couple viable options to mix in:

        Raise bigger: On these stacks with effective 15bb or less probably just shove directly, which completely counters him... he either has to wake up with a hand, call off with junk, or fold.

        Don't raise: Limping will often be checked by him, or sometimes raised small, allowing you to see the flop in position. Against the villain as described this is the adjustment I'd prefer since you felt you have good reads on him post flop. The whole adjustment by him was probably to punish you for open raising every button, and put pressure on you to back off, so when you do "back off" he'll often respond by seeing flops out of position. Of course you're not truly backing off, you're just adjusting the method of attack to move it back to post flop play where you feel you have a solid edge, and are in position.
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          Thanks Dave, Hadn't considered limping the btn as a strategy adjustment under these circumstances. umbup:



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