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6max micromillions event crippler

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  • 6max micromillions event crippler

    This is a pretty sick mistake/thinking im ahead with the A flop my initial thoughts were darn he probably has Ax but with A on the turn my thought process was its highly unlikely he has an ace and i figured his 3 bet was a steal attempt then his value bet on the river was an attemt to win the pot and for me to fold.

    How often am ahead here or am i just clutching at straws? he was pretty sctive at the table i felt my pot control was pretty good considering i have quite a strong hand especially as i thought the only hand i was behind was KK or JJ in the unlikely eveny he filled up. Thoghts anyone?

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    Hi McBinkerson,

    I think with position you need to Cbet the flop, keep the control of the hand. If opposition reraises or donks the turn then we can fold (Opposition will find it difficult to reraise a 3bettor). We then most likley get a check form him on the turn and we can pot control and check behind, calling a small river bet if the guy is likely to be bluffing.

    As played I think you need a pretty strong read that the guy is a really loose aggro player to continue past his turn reraise. Especially to call on the river. I think it's a fold.

    You say that you thought you were only behind KK & JJ. But what hands did you think you were ahead of?


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      I just couldn put him on an A after the second A on the turn i played on this table for like 150 hands and he was der for prob 90 of them and was very aggresive and often got to showdown with kj qj 22s 33s hitting miracle cards along the way also cbeting on an A high flop is inviting a 3 bet regardless and i figured i would get more info if i check the fact he checked the flop confused me as his trend was bet bet bet so i shud have been suspicious of an A but the turn pretty much made me believe i was ahead but i get ur take on it and in hindsight a fold was a better option but if i call der and my read is correct im in a fantastic position to go deep and i was blinded by that ideology tbh

      Thanks for ur analysis dude.


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