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AK on a paired board

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  • AK on a paired board

    Micromillions Main Event, level 3: My thoughts: Ace King is nice preflop, but postflop it's just a nice no pair hand. The pair on the board meant a decent chance the AK was good, so I bet it. I didn't like it when the guy called me. We'd been playing a few pots already, and so far I bested him out of two decent sized pots. The turn is either a great card for me, or an expensive one. I pair my ace, so any pocket pair he has is now no good. It also gives me the nut flush draw, and the option to hit a full house. I can't lay it down to his bet. But what if I miss my draws? In the end, I decide that if he has Jacks, then nice hand to you. I'm not dusrting off another 2200 on that river bet. Still - I wonder what he had. Any ideas?
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      Hey ov3rsight umbup: Intriguing hand indeed. We are super deep which makes things a lot more interesting. Do we have any reads on player 5? Or any numbers? I would 3bet preflop too. However some of the time in a shallower stacked MTT then I think flatting is ok vs tighter guys but I like the 3bet especially as were so deep and we will have position unless the button cold calls. I would tend to give player 5 a weaker cold call range than usual because we are so deep. I think a ton of players will call here with small pocket pairs and I expect the not so good villains to call with some Qx and weaker Ax hands. Your 3betting size is decent and your c-bet sizing is good too. When the button calls our c-bet I pretty much dismiss most Ax hands. He's flatting us with pocket pairs and Ax of spades some of the time. Imo most villains aren't getting creative with a missed hand. The situation we have on the turn happens quite often and the line I take is player dependent. If I am against a big station then I am more likely to bet the turn, but against a tighter guy I will tend to check it over to him with the intention of check calling and check folding river if we miss our draw. If our villain bet a smaller amount on the river then I could justify us calling but he has played it in such a strong way, I like the fold. I don't see any average or good players betting worse than AJ here for value so all we have with our AK is a bluff catcher. I believe that villain has a believable enough story, I like the fold. We could put out a small blocking bet on the river and fold if that gets raised but I would play it the same way you did. We still have a ton of chips. Nice hand, Chris. Cheers, Chris.
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