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MM76: AA could I have played this better? what did I do wrong?

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  • MM76: AA could I have played this better? what did I do wrong?

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    Hey badbones141 umbup: I think you played the hand fine. Your 3bet sizing is good although making it a bit less than 4x would be good too, say 300 ish. Your c bet sizing is LARGE! Do you have history with this guy? Any reads? I'm going to c bet a standard size of say 1/2 - 2/3rds of the pot, this is a very dry flop that is unlikely to hit much of villains range. If I suspect that villain is a station then I like betting the turn. There's not many draws that he can call a bet with on the flop which 'usually' indicated that he has a piece of it, hands like J10 and 89. So if this guy is indeed a station I like to bet as he's not going to fold them hands. However.... if our villain is a good winning player then I would prefer to check turn, a good player will more often than not fold these types of hands to your turn bet as it looks so strong so a good line vs these guys is to be deceptive and check the turn to make our hand look weaker than it is so that if he checks back we can put in a bet size on the river which we think will get called. If we check the turn and he bets then we have a few different options, calling would probably be my favorite. Leading out on the river would be fine. With that being said if villain is indeed a station then I'm betting all three streets. I would bet smaller than you did but I would still bet enough so that when the river card hits, the pot size will be considerably more than villain has in his stack so we can have him feeling pot committed with whatever hand he has. Cheers, Chris.
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