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NLHE small bet on flop

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  • NLHE small bet on flop

    Did I bet too small, should I have folded when the 3rd club came up?
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

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    Hi Blankholden,

    Can you tell us what sort of tournament this was (play money/SnG/league game?), so a hand analyser can give you the best advice?
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      100k privilege freeroll

      100k privilege freeroll

      one of those tourneys that you get free entry to for a month of you put STARS6 on the deposit thingy


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        Hi BlackHolden,

        To answer your question, your bet sizing is good - as in you are pricing out the club draws. However, you are essentially flipping the strength of your hand face up - you want to stop people drawing. You could perhaps reduce this to a pot-sized bet, but I prefer the bigger bet to a half-pot one.

        Once the villain calls, he pretty much has to have Ac Xc or at the very least AJ / AK. You therefore will get minimum value from the hands you are actually beating (except draws).

        Your play on the turn is good - you slow down knowing the club is likely to have hit the opp. Again, the problem is that he knows you are scared of the club but also knows you have a strong hand, else the big flop bet was pointless.

        I would check the river also. If he shoves, it is probably a fold unless you have information on the player stealing the river a lot. I have been in these situations where the opponent will bet small on the river, so even if you decide to call, you are losing less that 806 chips on the river.

        Hope that is of some use,



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          Hi BlackHolden4! With KJ from middle position with a limp in front of me, I'm going to make a standard raise to 3BB+1BB for each limper, so I will raise to 200. I'm doing this to try and get the lead in the hand and to also lessen the number of opps in the hand. I flop the nut straight and here is a reason why I would want to raise preflop. With 5 opps in the hand, if they all stay, there is not a bet possible that I can make that will price out all of the opps from drawing to a flush. The best I can do here in terms of pricing the opps out, is to make a pot-sized bet of 380 and hope to narrow the field, as a pot-sized bet will price out the same number of opps as a bet over the size of the pot. Luckily, the flop bet gets me to heads-up, however, the turn is a definite scare card, as it completes the flush. When the opp called my flop bet, they DID pot commit themselves (whether they knew it or not), so their chips should be going in on the turn or the river anyway. Due to this, instead of waiting until the river, I'm going to bet 806 here and put them all-in on the turn. I'm doing this incase the opp has Ax with one club. I do not want to let them see the river card (incase it's a 4th club) for free. By betting here, I need to have the opp NOT have two clubs less than 28% of the time and with them being a short-stack, their range should be much wider than just holding clubs. If I did check the turn, then I'm also checking the river (which I may do if the opp is playing very tight/passive, where they are only calling if they have clubs). I'd only take this line in a very small % of cases against a very specific opp type. The other times, I'm putting the pot-committed opp all-in on the turn. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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            yes, thank you very much to both



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