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Shove or fold? Big Bang L5 75/150 blinds

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  • Shove or fold? Big Bang L5 75/150 blinds

    A hand that was eating me up because I made a very tight fold due to tiredness and lack of judgement. Is it ever sensible to fold in a spot like this? both players were playing a TAG style and never saw anyone raising or shoving with anything particularly weak. Having said that, the effective stack sizes are so small that I'm thinking it's simply not going to be profitable folding in a spot like this, even with the risk of an AA or KK appearing every now and then. Thoughts?

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    Hey umbup: I like to call an all in here. UTG is shoving a very wide range of hands with his small 8 big blind stack and the majority of the table should know this so I expect most villains in player 7's shoes to reshove a 19 bb stack with hands like AJ+ and medium to high pocket pairs. We have UTG's range crushed and imo we are ahead of player 7's range more often than not so I love getting it in. We won't have a tremendous amount of equity being all in against 2 players but we can win a side pot and we usually have at least one of these guys crushed. With only 15 big blinds left we need to chip up and this is a great spot to go ahead and do it. Cheers, Chris.


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      Thanks Chris, will keep that in mind in the future! umbup:


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        all 3 of you don't have many very BB's so you definitely want to look for spots to get in your chips w/ strong equity. This is definitely a very good spot for you to get it in because your opponent's are going to shove very wide because their stacksizes are very small. So it's very possible that you get it in vs 2 better hands or something similar like you posted. Even if you're up against a pocket pair like QQ and JJ, you are still in great shape there.

        Something to keep in mind that's small but you hold AK so if the chances of your opponents holding AA and KK go down due to hand combinations.
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          I actually thought that that spot was marginal at the time, something that no doubt comes from not playing enough MTT's. I'll definitely be focusing on fixing this leak in future tourneys



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