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What is a high 3bet% in micro MTT's?

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  • What is a high 3bet% in micro MTT's?

    Hi everyone,

    I have question. I play a lot of MTT's (full ring) on Micro stakes. One of the things I was taught is that whens stealing blinds, I should also check the 3 bet % of the SB and/or BB.
    This makes sense of course, but what is considered a high and low % ? is 5% a lot? 10? 20? At this moment I do not have any reference so I find it difficult to use this in my decisions.

    All serious replies are welcome

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    Hi Don,

    Good question.
    I don't think there's a specific number I can give you, partly because someone's 3-bet % will usually vary according to blind structure (more 3-bets in turbos), stack sizes, and overall playing style.

    As an example, I'm a pretty tight player and I usually play a smallball style in the early stages of a tourney, with perhaps fewer 3-bets than an average winning player. When blinds are relatively high, I'm 3-betting less than 3% of the time, and it's purely for value with QQ+ and sometimes AK, hoping to get called by worse. (I don't want to bloat the pot with a more marginal hand, as I want to conserve my chips for a deep run).
    Later in the game, though, when the bubble approaches - and also when I'm safely in the money - my 3-bet rate often increases into double figures. With a big stack, I'll be very aggressive in order to put pressure on the weaker players. With a shorter stack, I'm 3-betting wider because I can't ever just call and see a flop. It's shove or fold.

    Laggier players will often be 3-betting a lot even in the early stages. Anyone with a long-term 3-bet of 12% or more in a full ring game is usually some sort of maniac. These guys can build a big stack early on in a tourney, but they have a habit of spewing it all back later on.

    Be sure to keep track of how many hands someone has been dealt. If you only have 20 hands on someone, they could have a 3-bet rate of 50%, but they might have only had four 3-betting opportunities and had AA and KK a couple of times.
    If you have a larger sample size (maybe 200+ hands) on a player, then his 3-bet stat can be "trusted" as it were. If it averages out at over 10%, he's probably quite aggressive in all phases of the game, so you can call/re-raise with a wider range than you would for someone that 3-bets 3% or so over a large sample.
    A decent winning TAG in nanostakes FR tourneys will have VPIP/PFR stats somewhere around 15/10 and a 3-bet of 3-6% over a decent sample, but there are always exceptions. Some players are particularly good with stats like 20/18/8. Others make money (mostly mincashes) playing 12/6/2.
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      Hi ArtySmokesPS, Thanks for your response. It is really helpful and I learned a lot from it! Thanks again. I appreciate it!umbup:
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        3bet question

        Yeah great question,always be asking question,and it depends on what stakes your playing cos in the low low stakes a lot playing go crazy with all in and 3bets, but I would say on the blinds anything under 8-10%,is it life time stats or game stats?if its game stats look at how many hands hes played i.e. if played 100 hands and hes only 3bettin 3% then yeah steal.Theres loads of live training sessions,register and you can get the answere to what you want. GOODLUCK



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