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$7 SNG 27: Mid stage nit? Open AKo with 44bb called in the bb by a tight player

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  • $7 SNG 27: Mid stage nit? Open AKo with 44bb called in the bb by a tight player


    The low tab, $7 stakes SNGs are my new interest. I quite liked the STTs but a 27 player tourney pays quite nicely if you can actually take one down.

    This was my 4th attempt at this game. I thought I was a nit when filling up on the river and then folding in this spot.

    The only read I had on the bb - tight player.

    My stack size and tournament position all came into consideration here.

    I open AKo effectively on the co 6 handed and the bb who has me well covered then just flats.

    QQ7 rainbow and I didn't continue, weak?

    Turn Q, bb makes a smallish stab at a board with 3 queens and I call. WHAT quads any pp (AQ original tweet)?

    River K >>see the action<< did I make a disciplined fold or was just a nit.

    I think making the late stages of a tournament is more important than a wrong call in the mid stages?

    Any PSOers trying to get out of the micros?
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Sat Mar 09, 2013, 08:00 AM. Reason: deleted - bb didn't check behind checked to the raiser

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    By not taking a stab at the pot, and remaining in control of the hand, you gave up the betting advantage and turned the hand into a guessing game.

    You both had enough chips to allow you to bet somewhere between 30 and 40% of the pot. The chances are you have the best hand anyway, but you really don't need to bet anymore as he is only calling in 3 scenarios:

    1- He has a Q
    2- He has paired the 7, unlikely with your read that he is tight, or has a pocket pair.
    3- He thinks you've got nothing (again less likely if he is tight)

    If that happens and you see the turn if he checks then you can check behind and see a cheap river card while keeping the pot controllable (some might argue with another bet here for value but as you have limited reads on him it's best to stay safe imo).

    If he leads the turn, or even check raises you on the flop, you can re-evaluate where you are at without having to invest anymore into the pot or get into a tricky spot.

    But as you gave up the advantage on the flop you allowed him to make a bet on the turn and put you on the defensive. He might have a hand, he might not, but now rather than having information based on his reaction to your bets, you are guessing and having to react to him.

    As played on the river I'd probably throw up slightly and call, just purely because it's so unlikely for him to have the last Q, but we really have no info here.

    It could be a bluff after he missed the heart draw or if he thinks you have nothing. He could have the Q or most likely he could have hit the K himself. He also could have a smaller pair and thinks his boat is the nuts (not pretty but have seen it done). But we simply just don't know and have to risk putting our tourney on the line based on a guess..


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      Hi ForrestFive,

      I don't mind a CBet here unless the guy has been really aggressive, then we are probably better off checking behind and perhaps calling later streets with what is still possibly the best hand.

      As played we obviously don't have a ton of info here. I think this spot is pretty read dependant to be honest. Does this guy spazz out? Or is he only doing this with a Q, K.

      Risk reward-wise if he can't do it without Q or K there's only 425 chips to be recovered by calling if it a K or our entire stack to lose if a Q.

      With the only read BB being tight then I think your fold is ok.

      If he can spazz out like Drarr says shoving a weaker pocket pair, then I think it's worth a risky call.


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        I think this is a pretty easy fold on the river personally.

        The guy is tight so this bet screams value. But beyond that look at the situation: If he thought we had nothing and was trying to steal it he doesn't have to risk 4K in a 1K pot to do so, he can risk oh, like less than 1K and meet with equal success. If he had pairs and thought we had nothing then checking and calling would make more sense, he doesn't need us to fold nothing if he can beat air in a showdown.

        No this is generally the nuts or a stone bluff, but again stone bluffs can be done just as effectively for much less risk. Would he overbet shove the nuts? Well if he's ranging us he should, I would... we checked back the flop and called turn, our hand looks a LOT like AK, so when the king comes he's hoping that's what we have and is going for the home run.

        I'm not sure it even makes sense for him to take this action with a K himself, as he'd have some concern we have the Q and were slow playing it.

        I would only call this against a completely spastic wild bluffer, and by definition no such player has ever been labeled "tight". I think calling here we are punting a 40bb stack way too often imo.
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