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Analyse this please (A8c Dealer)

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  • Analyse this please (A8c Dealer)

    It was on the PokerSchool Open Skill League. How did i play? Thank you guys Verarlockloy

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    With almost 3k stack and an orbit maybe 2 away from the break I would fold
    Stall and fold till I picked up a better hand and make it into positive points

    Just my 2c worth

    GL at the tables


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      Hi Verarlockloy! In a league game I have one and only one goal... to last as long as possible to accumulate as many league points as I can for the monthly leaderboard. I want to accomplish this by not taking chances and to not be all in unless I am sure I will be ahead after all 5 cards on the board are shown. With A8s, there is a raise to 3BB. I only want to call this with a premium hand and nothing marginal, especially early in a tourney, so this is going to be a muck for me preflop. I don't want to be putting chips into the pot when I could easily not be ahead. On the flop, yes, I have top pair and the opps check. If I was in the pot, I'd make a 2/3 pot value bet here and my plan for the rest of the hand is that if I'm raised or called, I'm not putting in another chip unless my hand improves and I definitely do not want to be all-in unless I know I'm ahead. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        i don't know much about the open skill league but i can comment on the hand itself.

        personally i don't like playing a hand like A8s by calling when someone raises here because your stack size is quite tiny. Unless you flop a flush draw or a big hand like 2pair+, often times you're going to find yourself in some marginal situations. As played though, I think you played the hand fine as after you bet the flop there aren't many chips left and I would shove the turn too to at least charge some KQ type hand.
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