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NLHE SNG 0.25c 45 man

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  • NLHE SNG 0.25c 45 man

    Hello everyone, This is my first hand review request and I must say I'm in my first few months of playing so I am trying to learn and understand my mistakes. If anyone could analyze my play here it would help me a lot since I don't know if I am analyzing myself properly afterwards. Add info: Final table, 6 players left. Villain5 29VPIP/14PFR/4.0AF read on 28 hands Villain6 8VPIP/4PFR/0 AF read on 49 hands. Hero 24VPIP/17PFR/1.9 AF read on 109 hands Thank you in advance.
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    Can I ask why the steal attempt with those cards?

    When you got called what range of cards do you think the villian has? How many hands are you beating preflop?

    On the flop you look ok but can't actually know you are ahead as viallian could easily have 9x in his range(9T-A9 maybe suited 98) (especially if you have been stealing a lot.) but... Also you are all in the money so play tends to loosen up so you need to be awaire that that may happen.

    Having got to the turn i'm not folding here and boy how lucky is that river card for the villian.

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      Hi AnorienRO,

      I don't think it's the best spot for a steal preflop either.

      Our hand is obviously near the absolute worst. The BB is a good steal target, the SB with almost 30% VPIP and a big stack could be defending a min raise quite often.

      On the flop I like a cbet. But I'm really just wanting to take it down, I don't want a call. The min raise would definately raise caution. We are behind every 8x & 9x obviously the worst case the TJ and even Tx, 7x, or 2 hearts have decent equity against you. I wouldn't mind a fold here unless we had a read that opponent could bluff, most microstakes players won't try and bluff someone who's raising.

      I think the bet on the turn is ok. I like making it smaller now, less than half pot at this point if the villian came back over the top I would fold. Probably to a flush or better 8.

      River again I think our hand is strong enough to bet again. We could still get crying calls from a flush I think and from a 7.

      The min reraise absolutely just call. I would count myself lucky that I hit a 7 and would expect to split the pot with a better 8. Moving in I think is just throwing the last few chips away.

      This hand is an example of how stealing with a bad hand can get us in trouble I think.

      Awful situation to be in though. I feel your pain

      I think the main takeaway is to be thinking pot control right from the point our steal gets called and again when we get reraised on the flop.


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        Your hand is a bit weak preflop but if you felt they were going to fold a lot then sure but seeing the result, we can see that our opponent is playing 98o in the sb which is very loose so you should be more inclined to fold such hands preflop. Regardless, even though you're getting good odds on the flop, this is a tough spot on the flop. You are almost always looking to improve your hand if you call and even if you hit you may be behind a hand like toppair, 2pair, sets straights where even if you improve you will lose a lot of chips. It's also tough that even the times you do have the best hand say if your opponent has a flush draw, he's going to have a huge amount of outs vs you and can easily keep betting into you putting you in a tough spot with a very weak hand. I'd strongly consider letting it go on one of these 2 streets but after calling the flop raise, I think you played the hand fine.
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          Thanks to each of you who took time to analyze my hand. This has been very helpful and I have learnt some valuable things out of this hand.
          ahar010, I really like your conclusion. Untill posting here, I did not think about the preflop error - stealing with those cards- and I was seeing only the flop error - calling his raise to my cbet when I knew he could have a set, a flush, a straight, and so much more outs to improve his hand on the turn compared to my chances to improve my hand.

          Looking back at this hand, meh, that was so weak played
          Hopefully I shall know better in the future.



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