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Analyse this (TT in Hubble)

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  • Analyse this (TT in Hubble)

    Did i play this right?? i make the odds and with it, i decided to fold. What you guys think?? It was a freeroll tournament Hubble's NL Thanks
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    Hi Verarlockloy,

    The Hubble tourney features some wild play from beginners. You'll often find you can win a lot of chips when you have a big hand, because players overvalue one-pair hands with weak kickers, and will stack off with any draw.
    In this hand, you had a pocket 10s, which is a very strong starting hand, especially if you can get heads up.
    Villain 8 limps, which usually means he has a weak hand. You want to raise him, so that if he wants to see a flop with a hand worse than yours, but has a chance to beat it, you want to make him pay for it. You minraised him. This is not a good idea, because it's still cheap for the villain to call. A standard raise here would be 3bb if the pot is unopened, plus another bb for each limper. So in this situation, I like a raise to 4bb, which is 6400. A raise of that size would disincline more callers. You don't want a bunch of players with overcards to your pair all having a chance to outflop you.

    As played, the minraise did indeed lead to this pot going multiway. This would usually be a disaster for pocket 10s, as most flops will contain picture cards and aces, diminishing the strength of your hand.
    But in this situation, you got a great flop. You flopped a set; an extremely strong hand to have on the flop. Although there is a possibility someone has a straight, it's more likely that other players have one or two pairs, or a draw, or a combo of pair + draw.

    There is 17,800 in the pot and you have about 17,000 left. With a set here, I'm never folding. I'm committing to stack off. I want to get all my chips in and double up. How you do that here is to either bet small, and then re-raise all in if you get raised, check-raise all in, or just lead out for all your stack.
    With 4 other players in the pot, someone is bound to have a hand that will give you action. Since the two players on your left are deep stacked (and this is a freeroll), they will probably call an all in bet, so I'd just shove it all in on the flop.
    You actually bet really small, and got raised and 3-bet. This is the perfect time to push all in. Both villains clearly have something. Your set is nearly always the best hand here, so you can't possibly fold. Get your chips in and look forward to doubling or tripling up.
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      Hey Vera,

      Flop is tough for you - multi-way with a very wet board.

      Tbh, I would've moved all-in preflop (providing you werent close to the ticket places). Once the early position player limps, there is 5k already in the pot which is a 25% increase to your stack should a shove get through. If a big stack wants to call off with K8/A8 fine, but I doubt it goes multi-way if you shove for 20k and 10-10 is a strong hand.

      If you are close to the ticket places, I would fold, but from my experience of these tourneys, you are a way off - need 80k to be comfortable in Hubble.

      As for the flop, you can make fold or shove. Very read dependent, but against 4 players someone will have a straight / flush / combo draw, but lots of 2-pairs will call too.

      Hope that is of use,




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