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Heads up knockout NLHE

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  • Heads up knockout NLHE

    Hi, Ive been playing 3.50 heads up SNGS for a while and out of 20 or so games ive lost a small bit just under breaking even , i decided to try a knockout tournment and was doing good but as in the sngs i struggle in the late part with big blinds. I play agressive raising small alot but when bbs are 160 in 1500 games raising to 260 is high risk. In position i always raise, never give him a free card and if called my c bet will usaly make him fold. But this doesnt work for me in bbs even if i have a big stack. Here is 5 hands from the tournament $10.50 buyin, I got one knockout but in round 2 below I lost. Cheers if you can give any tips for Heads up games.

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    Hi Cheetah,

    I'm only seeing one of the five hands in the replayer, but that could just be a problem at my end. :/
    The AQ hand looks OK, except that with the blinds being so low, I'd make a bigger open raise. Make it 3x and go from there. It's only at the later stages when you have less than 20bb that a minraise would be more appropriate.
    Have you seen Spacegravy's videos? Here is his video on heads up play:
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      Hi again, Tea_Cheetah,

      Can you post one particular hand you'd like me to analyse?
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        Hi, thanks for reply. Ive stopped playing heads up,its just too risky. What do you think of this hand? SNG I hit the nuts straight on flop and slow play. I guess he has a pair of kings on flop but dont want to scare other guy off so i just call small to get more money in. He folds and Ace hits the river, so I bet small to reel him in. I guess it doesnt matter if I bet big he has two pair and wont fold.The tourny has only be going 10 mins and ive been tight agressive but still lost 2 hands with pairs. This is an unlucky game and bad beat but if he did have say Kingd AceD and i Had JsTs would my play be correct or reraise after flop?
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          Hi again, Tea_Cheetah. This is an interesting hand.

          While I understand your reasoning for slowplaying, that's a tactic that isn't recommended in microstakes games. (It would be more appropriate at higher stakes, and even then only sometimes).
          The main reason is that there is usually more value to be had by betting/raising for big fat VALUE, because at the lowest stakes, there are plenty of players that will call all the way to the river (or call a shove) with (much) worse. Except in cases where you flop high quads (so the villain can't possibly have a hand likely to call a decent bet), slowplaying can mean that:
          a) You don't win the huge pot your big hand deserves.
          b) Villain can suck out cheaply and beat you on the turn/river.

          Your stack is relatively small here, but villain has made a fairly decent flop bet. It would seem he has a real hand or good draw. I'd recommend you either make a small raise and then get the rest in on the turn, or just raise all in on the flop. A deep stacked villain in these 25c SnGs will often call a small shove because "He could be bluffing/drawing... and I won't be busto even if I lose".
          Villain already had a strong made hand and then he picked up the flush draw. Even so, you were a big favourite to win this hand when all the money went in, so it's a bit of a bad beat. Unlucky, nice hand.
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