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$15 STT - itm on btn loose annoying player to my left ICM?

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  • $15 STT - itm on btn loose annoying player to my left ICM?


    I don't think 3 handed itm in a $15 game that the loose pain on my left will call too wide?

    The pay jumps $25 $37 $62. I am the shorter stack but the other player in the bb was very tight.

    Confident to take this one down but no ICM calculator will say a lag can push squeeze >>with this hand<<.

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    This is an easy shove on your behalf.

    At first I thought it was a terrible call but there is 525 chips in pot already. It's still a fold from me with such rags but there's a little bit more to this hand than at first seems. I'm still a little unsure as to proper using an ICM calculator (I'll make a point on to work on that) but I think it's a closer call than at first seems.

    Don't beat yourself up over it. It wasn't your mistake.
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      Hi ForrestFive,

      Yes, on the face of it I would absolutely shove here. Really good fold equity on the other shorter stack.

      Putting it in it does say A8o is a shove but not by much which is surprising to me. This does however rely on our oppisition calling the correct number of times. The correct calling ranges for both players is down around 20% so 82o definately doesn't fit into that range.

      Interesting if I adjust the SBs calling range to any two cards. Shoving A8o becomes a slightly negative play. But that doesn't take into account if the BB is super tight and willing to fold into 2nd place.

      But I don't think very often a villian would be calling that wide. Did you have any reads on him?

      Overall I think I would stick with the gut and I think a shove is correct.


      Quad Bracelet Winner


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        Hi Andy,

        Thank you for doing the ICM. I was going with my gut feeling.

        Reads on the loose player? Bad calls and sucks out every time. Carnage knocking out better players.

        He limps my bb, over calls not 3b my raises - just that annoying player on your left. Chip leader by luck.

        If the tight player calls here my A8 is beat - I can cope with that. But my 8 was covered and the loose guy calls and hits a river deuce.

        Unfortunately I had won this stt in my head. Stupid thinking - I can destroy the loose guy heads up and the tight guy is going to blind down to no fold equity.



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