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  • What happened?

    This unfolded so quickly after the start of the tournament that the late registration hadn't even finished yet. And it was so sudden that it took me 30 mins of discussion for it to even sink in. Yes it's OSL and we should never put our tournament life on the line this early, especially in OSL. But let's pretend it was a normal MTT. Should I have seen this coming? I looked through my hand history and the same guy did almost an identical thing to another guy earlier who had KK and the villain here had 88 and made a full house. In that hand the 'hero' had made two pair, an ace was on the board, and the full house got dealt on the river. So it feels more like 'bad luck'. Other than that, there was a lot of limping and blind passing at the table as five people were sitting out. In my case, I feel like I did all sorts of things wrong, but I can't figure out what they are. I mean if I assume that every time someone checks they have a made hand, I'll never bet/raise? I'll be like Clancy in +EV comics. I'm so confused now.

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    Hi EvokeNZ! First and foremost, it's an OSL game at the end of the month. This means that the penalties for an early exit are much, much more severe and can cost me real $$. Due to this, I'm mucking everything even remotely marginal. Losing real $$ from the league is never going to be worth a few extra tourney chips. In a league game, I'm mucking this preflop to a standard raise even at the beginning of the month, let alone at the end of the month. Early in a tourney, if I'm going to play KJ from the button, I'm going to 3-bet here to 360 and not flat. This way I discourage the blinds from coming along, as I want to play the hand HU, in position. I'm also ONLY going to do this against an opp that I think could fold and not against a tight opp (as I'd be behind the majority of their range). The overwhelming majority of the time, I'm going to let this go preflop and wait for a better situation. If I was in the hand, the opp's flop bet size is a big problem for me. They sized it at just under a pot-size bet, which would price anyone out from drawing to a flush or straight or even a combo draw. This normally indicates a made hand or big draw and while I do have top pair, I'm behind the majority of this range, so I'm mucking the flop with top pair/2nd kicker. The turn check means one of two things, either they've got the nuts and are willing to give a free card if I check behind or that they are scared of the J. If they had the draw and not a made hand, the J on the turn really shouldn't influence them. A straight or flush would beat trip J. Since the opp's range either beats me or can easily beat me, here's a great time to exercise pot-control and I'll check behind to see a free river. If a straight or flush card hit the river, I'm checking if I can (since my hand does have showdown value) or folding to a larger bet. The easiest thing to do in a cash or especially league tourney is to muck a marginal hand preflop to a standard raise. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Ah, I see I have picked up a bad habit and didn't even notice. Just went over all the spreadsheets I'd made when I was doing the PSO coursework and KJo is never playable, not in any of the materials. Except if everyone's folded and I'm in late position.

      For some reason I don't give value to the position enough. Somehow initiative feels more at home for me.

      Thanks for the feedback.



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